Late Night Stinky Poo…

So…I have a dog, a beautiful Airedale named Oliver, who suffers from protein intolerence and puppy colitis. Makes life interesting at times to say the least. To help treat his condition he has been put on Prednizone, a drug I despise. It makes him HUNGRY! My dog can eat like a champ, and even has a special divided bowl to slow him down. Since he is protein intolerent, he doesn’t get any human food, with the exception of apples and carrots. His intense love of apples is a little ridiculous, and this time of year is very trying. Oliver goes to doggy day care, a wonderful place that he has 10 acres to roam with other dogs and a big fat old apple tree to snack from. The woman who runs the doggy care is wonderful, and she trys everything she can think of to keep him away from the high fibre fruit. Yet, where there is a will, there is a way. Yesterday was no apparently no exception to that rule, and I am counting down the days until all of the apples are gone. Last night, Oliver was totally gassing us out of the house. We took him on a extra long walk with the hopes that he could help him eleviate his discomfort – and our own! It didn’t work. I was politely woken by my lovely little Ollie-bear at 3:30am, and we proceeded to take a 10 minute walk and fill 2 bags. I love, love, love sleep, I am not a person who functions on 4-6 hours (who are those people anyways). I would not wish the late night stinky poo on anyone!


October 29, 2010. Uncategorized.

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