Who does that anyways?

I wasn’t going to post anything about this, but since it’s still bothering me here it goes.  Ollie has friends on the street, other doggies that he is ecstatic to see on our walks.  For a few months now, one of his friends has been MIA along with her owner.  My friend T (also neighbour extraordinaire) and I run together a few times a week (JC runs too, but she doesn’t live in the area and could care less about this guy), and for at least a couple of months we have run past the vacant house wondering where they could be.  As the weather got a little colder we began to get concerned.  Where are they???  Two of the upstairs windows were open, car in driveway, front door littered with mail notices, and yet someone must have cut the grass in the last couple of months.  We began to speculate the worst  – What if he is dead in the house, and his poor puppy starved to death in ever loving loyalty!  Then we would talk ourselves down, ‘no, no, someone must know where he is, we can’t be the only people wondering what happened, he must have told someone’.  I asked around to a few more neighbours, nope, nada, nothing, zilch.  Last Thursday was the final straw, I saw a black truck pull in the driveway and then later in the day a notice went on the door.   I messaged T the details and she agreed, we must do something.  I phoned the local police and expressed our concerns, they canvassed the neighbourhood and finally found a couple of people who knew him.  He MOVED!  Who moves and leaves their car, belongings (well a lot of them anyways), BBQ and patio stuff behind, not to mention leaves the f’ing windows open!  Who does that anyways???


November 9, 2010. Uncategorized.

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