Who like’s sponges??

I know someone or somepuppy at least who seems to love sponges.  Thursday’s are my day off, my day of the week to do whatever the hell I want.  I work Saturday’s so R gets to do whatever he wants on those days, and Sunday’s we try to spend together.  So last Thursday, I had a lot going on and come 5 o’clock I needed to leave for Pilate’s.  I was leaving a little earlier than I normally do since I had one last errand to run for the day and I decided to feed Ollie when I got home.  I put him the laundry room (this is where he goes when he aren’t home with him so that he doesn’t get into trouble) where he has his bed and some toys, and off I went.  I arrived home around 7:00pm, let Ollie out, fed him and then decided to do some laundry.  I plopped the laundry basket down on his bed and noticed these small little pink bits.  I couldn’t figure out what it was, what could he possibly have gotten into?  Then it hit me – SPONGE!  I have been wallpapering our powder room, and all my wallpaper materials are on top of the dryer.  He ate not 1, but 2 sponges that definitely had glue residue left over on them.  I called the Vet ER and they notified me that I needed to induce vomiting – this is DISGUSTING!  And I feel like such an asshole making him puke, but better than him needing emergency surgery or worse. So they give me the proper instructions and dosage of hydrogen peroxide to give him to make him heave.  I put it in milk to make it a little more pleasant for him, he has never had milk before and seems to love it.  Then off the backyard for a little soul searching.  Poor little Ollie threw up pink and yellow all over the yard, and the worst part is – he is a dog.  He hasn’t learned any lessons – he would do it all again.


November 10, 2010. Uncategorized.

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