Some days are harder than others

Today is a sad day for my entire family.  My sweet beautiful Grandma passed away last night, peacefully in her sleep.  At 94 years young, she had a long and wonderful life, and she will be missed more than she can ever have known.  She was the last of my Grandparents, and the heartache runs deep as it seems with her I formed the deepest bond, since we got the most time together out of all of them.  She taught me to never back down, to always stand my ground and voice my concerns and opinions freely as she did.  She also spent the time to teach me how to knit, and share her chocolate chip cookie recipe with me, and tell me stories about my dad and my Auntie J when they were young.  And while she would joke that all she had anymore was time, her time was valuable to each of us.  I have 3 cousins who were all also extremely close to her, she was an easy woman to love and she loved us all equally and unequivocably back.  She even had the great fortune of having 6 great-grandchildren to love in addition to her own 2 children (plus my mom) and 4 grandchildren.  I count myself among those who had the great fortune to be loved by her, and find comfort now in knowing that she has joined my Grandpa in what I can only hope is the happiest and most peaceful place for all souls to rest. 

Her memories will live on in all of us, in our memories of her.  I love you Grandma. xoxo


November 15, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. N replied:

    Sounds like a wonderful lady Carolyn, and you can tell how much she meant to you, sorry to hear of your loss.

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