Poor Little Voles…

At our house not only do R, Ollie and I live there, but R’s mom BA also lives there.  We have a walk out basement, and she has a beautiful self-contained, completely separate apartment at our house.  She also has a HUGE lovely garden in the back yard.  I am sure she sounds like a very wonderful woman, but the truth is, she is a murderer.  This summer she noticed that some sort of animal had been digging little holes and tunnels in her garden.  At the time she seemed quite concerned about it, but then she went away for about 6 weeks and I didn’t hear much about it when she came back.  Well, now it’s that time of year where she is clearing out the garden to prepare it for winter and she saw the furry little culprits with her own eyes.  And it seems that the tunnels and holes have multiplied over the past few months.  Apparently they are eating her garden from the roots up.   She has now set out to rid the garden of what she deems evil little pests.  And since they have multiplied she has now gone from a triple homicide to a genocide in the garden. Take a look at the attached picture – could you knowingly murder this little fellow in cold blood?


November 16, 2010. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. BA replied:

    Perhaps you should reconsider the situation. This wonderful woman is braving the wilds to protect the whole household from the evil predator. These creatures could get YOU!!!
    Apparently the pile of pink and yellow Ollie throw-up sponge bits are an added attraction for this dangerous animal of the wild!!!

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