Cold Feet…

I have cold feet.  I don’t mean in the traditional way that people get cold feet, making a commitment and then changing their minds (like weddings).  I mean I constantly have cold feet.  I have a little heater in my office under my desk for the sole (no pun intended) purpose of keeping my tender little tootsies warm.  At home, I love to shove my cold feet under R’s legs on the sofa to keep them warm.  I often go to bed with my socks on and peel them off much later in the evening when they have finally warmed up.  Unless I have to get up with the Late Night Stinky Poo (see October 29th blog), which I did last night, and then I am totally gratefully that I still have my winter woolies firmly in place.  I recently read that women are 9 times more likely to suffer from cold feet – why is that?  What is it about women and men that make their feet hot or cold?  Are men really so full of hot air that it generates enough heat to keep all of their digits toasty warm?  I know it has nothing to do the women being ice queens, because I have only ever met a few women who fall into that category – and I bet if I asked them they would say they have warm feet.  If anyone has any real scientific insight as to why I have cold feet all the time, I am listening. 🙂


November 20, 2010. Uncategorized.

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