Vole Update…

Just thought I’d give a little update.  BA informed me over the weekend that she feels she has accomplished her mission.  Genocide Complete.

Now we may never again witness this little furry fellow in our gardens.  Maybe next year BA will put up a neon ‘No Vacancy’ sign out back so that she doesn’t have to eradicate another species of rodent.  Clearly the Voles felt that the gardens were available for occupancy – obviously they had to learn the hard way that they weren’t.  Let this be a message to Moles, Voles, Mice and Rats alike, BA doesn’t mess around in her garden.

Water Vole


November 22, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. BA replied:

    THEIR BACK!!!! The Garden is RIDDLED with holes again this morning!!!! So many, in fact, it seems they have brought reinforcements….not to worry…I’m on guard and will protect the household.
    Next plan of attack….Juicy Fruit Gum…a weapon suggested by C last weekend…seems it was successful at her cottage in the continuing battle against the Voles….after ingestion it expands in their nasty little stomachs and blocks further digestion. Off to the store to arm myself with the deadly weapon! On with the war!!!

  2. GGi aka Carolyn replied:

    You suck as a Murderer, perhaps you should look into a new profession!

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