Ollie got an Aire-cut

One of the best things about our breed of dog (aside from the fact that they are extremely cute and loveable), The Airedale Terrier, is that they do not shed.  They have hair instead of fur, and it grows and grows and grows.  So lil’ Ollie Bear goes to the Doggy Spa every 6-8 weeks for a wash, cut, blow dry and style (bandana).  Yesterday was spa day for Ollie Bear, he loves loves loves going there – I think mostly for the toys and treats that are on display everywhere, but he also seems to genuinely love his stylist.  He was in desperate need of a visit there as I have been neglecting his bathing needs at home.  Since he enjoys his Doggy Day Camp 3 days a week he gets smelly, really smelly.  I don’t like smelly dogs so I bathe him quite regularly in between spa visits.  He is actually easy to bathe, he jumps in the tub and lets me shampoo and rinse and then runs around like a maniac to dry.  BUT, since I hadn’t bothered to do that for a couple of weeks, he reeked. 

I got the call from his stylist that it was time to go and pick him, and when I arrived they informed me that Ollie had received 2 baths yesterday.  Apparently he had a messy accident at the spa yesterday – damn puppy colitis!  So now he is nice and fresh and ready for the holidays.


November 26, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. JC replied:

    I love Ollie xo

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