Where oh where do all of the socks go?  I wear 2 that are the same, I take them off at the same time and put them in the laundry hamper, I presume they both make it to the washing machine – yet once they come out the dryer it is inevitable that I will have at least 3 singles.  I then place these single socks off to the side and wait – their match should turn up in the next load, this is a logical conclusion.  Nope, they disappear into the abyss never to be seen again.  I currently have between R and I about 15 single socks, they are all piled up nicely in our closet.  We occasionally go through them and are able to match a few pairs, but then the singles show up and get added to the pile.  We’ll have to just start wearing them anyways – we can walk around like this.


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The Aftermath

So, I have taken a little bit of break from the blog.  The holidays can do that to a girl, they are kind of exhausting.  We had 2 Christmas’s this year, Christmas day at my cousin M’s and Boxing Day at R’s sister JM.  Christmas Day was really important to me this year as it was our first one without Grandma, and I missed her so much.  My Auntie J had instructions from her to give us each a gift, and while I know she was there in spirit in each of us, it was that card that brought those feelings to the surface.  How thoughtful and loving and special she was, and when we played a little game around the dinner table about what we were grateful for this Christmas, Auntie J said it best in 1 word – ‘memories’.  Boxing Day was another great day, this is the first year that we had our Boxing Day Christmas at JM’s new house and we went out there just after lunch and spent an amazing afternoon snow mobiling, eating, drinking and opening gifts.  Another great day for new memories.

R and I had to take down our tree on the 27th – seems we  bought the German Shepherd of Christmas trees this year as it was shedding like crazy.    I was actually relieved to have taken it down, and it prompted me to put away our gifts and try to bring a little order in the house.  I most excited that SG, our cleaning lady/dog walker extraordinaire was coming to clean the house (she had last week off, and I don’t really do cleaning) – turns out she is off this week too.  WTF?  I can’t believe I have to clean 2 weeks in a row, I know that I am whining and a bit of a princess about this, but R doesn’t do cleaning – at all.  Our deal when we moved in together was that since he doesn’t clean, we get to have a cleaning person since I refuse to clean up after both of us.  This arrangement has worked out great for us for the last 9 years, so it’s easy to understand why I might be missing it.  Oh well, off to clean I go.

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Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve, not as much as I love Christmas Day, but I do love Christmas Eve.  R and I used to do a lot of running around and visiting on Christmas Eve, but for the last 2 years we gave taken a totally laid back approach to it and it’s amazing.  Today we have completely relaxed – with the exception of running this morning with T.  We had a late breakfast, napped, went the movies and saw Tron in 3D (it wasn’t very good) and now we are considering what we would like to do for dinner.  Oh, and Stinka Bear is all clean and bathed and back to being Ollie Bear.  When I was a little girl I used to get to open 1 present on Christmas Eve from under the tree, it was so EXCITING!  R doesn’t believe in opening 1 present the day before so I don’t get to do that anymore. 😦

The holidays really are all about the presents, oops, I mean family and friends.  And not to get to mushy, but I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have the family and friends that I do.  They say you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives…given the choice I would pick each and every one of them.  Merry Christmas Everyone!!

xoxo – ggi

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The Holidays

I love the holidays.  I especially love them this year as I have the whole entire week off work!  Hence the lack of entries to this fantabulous blog.  I totally think I could handle being a lady of leisure.  I have shopped, wrapped presents, R and I have gone to Pilates that last 2 days, now I just have to clean my house – can you believe that our cleaning lady is off this week???  With 3 more days until Christmas, I feel that I am totally prepared.  I have 1 more present to wrap, a few stocking stuffers for R and we are all set.  Tonight was dinner and drinks with JJ and MS,  tomorrow I have yet another day of leisure, getting my hair done and receiving a manicure.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a week at home, minus the abundance of emails I have received from the office.  Doesn’t anyone read the out of office reply’s anymore?


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Hollywood Boyfriends

I have boyfriends, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with a little side salad – as long as it’s in your own imaginary dream land.  All of my boyfriends are actors, and yes, I realize that this makes them slightly unattainable.  R is ok with it, since he knows I would never actually stray.  He doesn’t even put up a fuss that I rotate my ‘boyfriend’ pictures as his profile picture on my phone.  I have so many boyfriends that I don’t even think I could make you a top ten, they have different purposes.  Some of them are pretty to look at, some are super fit, some are funny, some are charming, some are too young for me and some are too old for me.  I don’t care – I love them all.

With the recent developments in Hollywood these past few weeks, some of my boyfriends are actually available.  Ryan Reynolds – I mean really who minds looking at his body, Michael C. Hall – best serial killer EVER (Dexter rocks), Zac Efron – I know he is young, but according to T he is within my acceptable age range.  She has the formula you can use if you are questioning the age of a potential boyfriend.  Take your age, divide by 2 and add 7 – if they are that age or older you are golden.  Based on this information I have decided the same formula goes for boyfriends older than you are, if you divide their age by 2 and add 7 and you are younger than that – find a new boyfriend.

I was trying to think of my top ten and really I can’t do it, but I can name in no particular order some of my boyfriends.  Bradley Cooper, Jude Law, Kellan Lutz, Alexander Skarsgard (Eric – True Blood, best vampire EVER), Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey, John Cusak, Josh Duhamel, Channing Tatum, Gerrard Butler, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Walberg, Jason Lewis, Gilles Marini, Taye Diggs, Hugh Jackman, Robert Pattison, Paul Walker, Paul Rudd, Ben Affleck, Bryan Greenberg, Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio,  Mehcad Brooks, Jason Statham,  and I know that I have barely scratched the surface of my boyfriends.  Please feel free to comment with your boyfriends name, or girlfriends, we all have them.  Some of us even have the ONE, the one person who comes to your door that you get a free pass from your spouse to be with.  As you can see I couldn’t pick just one, so I don’t get a free pass, but who is your one?

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Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…I truly love them.  I love high-heeled shoes best, Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Dior, Jimmy Choo – they are all AMAZING, but sadly not all within my budget.  I have a couple of pairs of special shoes from the list, but I do also have a list of ‘affordable’ shoes I love.  I was recently mailed a catalogue from BCBG and I saw the cutest pair of shoes that I have decided I have to HAVE.  I needed to grab a couple of things from the mall today and decided to stop by and admire them.  Turns out they don’t have them in the store yet, not only that they might not even get them in Canada – WTF?  Why mail me a catalogue for something that I can’t have!?!  It’s such a tease, not to mention kind of cruel and mean.  Maybe if I call them down there in the United States of America they might take pity on me and agree to sell me a pair across the border.  It would be the profitable thing for them to do – right?  Plus, it will make up for them teasing me with the pretty pictures in the catalogue. 🙂


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Today I got my first Christmas present for the year!  A big yummy lovely basket of GODVIA chocolates, it’s no secret I love sugar and candy, and I have a feeling that this basket could be gone by Friday.  Somebody stop me!  One plus, or minus depending how you look at it is that I don’t like dark chocolate.  So at least I can give all of that away, but that still leaves me with the Milk Chocolate covered pretzels, graham cookies, milk chocolate medallions, and the assorted box of chocolates.  At this time of year I really get into reading labels – see how many calories, and how much fat is in what I am eating – that way I won’t be as tempted.   This often back fires though, as I decide to add extra workouts to compensate, or skip lunch so I can gorge myself on chocolate.  No wonder someone invented the idea of a New Year’s resolution, we are all so bad around the holidays we need a way to try to feel better about ourselves in the New Year.  I don’t actually believe in New Year’s resolutions myself, but hey if it works for you go for it.

Well, I am off to pick out my chocolate lunch. 

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Cold coffee

Over the weekend I had one the vehicles from my office, it was fabulous.  It has a heated steering wheel, park assist for dummies, a fancy dancy radio, the list goes on an on.  R and I were cruising in style, and since it is an SUV it was great for all the Christmas shopping we did.  I truly enjoyed driving it for the weekend, until yesterday morning.  It was bitter cold where we live yesterday, -26 celsius with wind chill or something ridiculous like that.  So I hop in the vehicle and put my coffee in the cup holder and put my other bags on the passenger seat.  I had just reached over to grab my phone out of my bag when my coffee toppled over and spilled all over the side of the passenger seat.  The prongs in the cup holder were frozen so when I put my cup there it wasn’t sitting straight, and I didn’t notice.  I ran into the house to grab a damp cloth and some paper towel and by the time I got back it was freezing to the seat.  Frozen coffee in a matter of seconds was on the side of the seat, between the centre console and the seat, it ran down to the rear floor mats, so basically it went everywhere and froze.  I try to wipe it up and the water from my cloth is freezing to the interior as well.  I am a wee bit annoyed and agitated by this turn of events and I am not really in the listening mood as R is suggesting I leave the vehicle running and let it warm up.  However he does have a valid point, so I put the heated seat on high and start it up.  So we wait…..about 20 minutes later we manage to wipe up most of the spilled coffee and when I arrived to work our detailer was kind enough to bring it in and get the rest of the smell out.  Good news is – all the coffee was cleaned up, I don’t take sugar in my coffee so nothing was left sticky, and it no longer smells like coffee!  R say’s these happen to me because I am not careful, but really I am just a little accident prone.

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The Christmas Tree…

Well the weekend is over, and we managed to get our tree yesterday and have it all decorated and ready for the holidays.  Getting the tree was a little bit of a challenge for R and I though, he is convinced that December must be the month that has the highest divorce rate.  Like all couples we have our “moments”, and we definitely had one of those yesterday at the tree farm.  Our originally plan was to borrow my dad’s truck and head over to a local lot that was selling trees, this is always a rip off since they totally over charge you, but it is convenient.  B & B had a better suggestion though, we should go to the tree farm that they always go to.  It really isn’t that far, and apparently the trees are way fresher so they last longer.  So, off we went to get our tree.  On the way out to this magical tree farm we were stuck behind a salt/sander truck, no worries though at least the roads are safe.  Once we arrive at the tree farm and pull into the parking lot it’s clear we aren’t going to make it very far.  The truck won’t move forward, tires are spinning and we are staying put.  It will move in reverse though, so we back up and little and try again…nothing.  At this point there is now a car behind us trying to get in the parking lot, and R is getting a little testy.  He doesn’t yell at me, but he ‘raises his voice’ to a volume that is clear to not only me but also to the  other tree patrons in the parking lot, that ‘doesn’t B have snow tires on this thing’.  And ‘come on C, do something to help’.  Me, not really sure what to do, offer to get out and guide him back out of the lot.  ‘YES, that would be a start’ is his reply.  Things are a little heated between us at this point, I don’t like being yelled at, I mean having someone speak loudly to me, and R believe’s that I simply do not have the capacity to pay attention to anything.  We purchase the first tree we see, which was a considerable amount less than the local lot would have been and head home.  As R and I are trying to have a rational discussion, I decide that maybe I should talk to him LOUDLY so that he can HEAR me, I am not yelling I just want to make sure he hears me.  This thankfully diffuses the situation and we make it home without further incident.  We agreed that R was completely right in that particular situation, and I was clearly in the wrong for not coming up with a suitable solution to our predicament in a timely fashion.  According to R, I freeze in times of need.  According to me, he expects that I have ESP and just know exactly what he is thinking and what he would like me to do.  We will never be able to participate in the Amazing Race, but we are able to overcome our obstacles.  I didn’t actually get a picture of the end product yet, but I did manage to get Ollie Bear to sit still long enough for a little Christmas portrait in front of our very crooked tree.   


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For the Love of Portuguese Chicken

I love love love Portuguese Chicken, well actually I love the Piri Piri sauce that comes with the meal more than the meal itself.  There is a little restaurant near our house that has amazing Piri Piri sauce,  this is what I am having for dinner tonight.  It comes in Sweet, Medium and Hot, and the Parisienne potatoes (although a little greasy) are fantastic smothered in medium Piri Piri sauce.  Our friend R-O isn’t a fan of the chicken there because he feels that is over cooked, but I grew up in a total English Canadian household and they cook everything within an inch of its life (no offense B & B, and I know you eat your red meat medium) – so I think it’s fantastic.  It’s nice and dry and I have zero chances of getting salmonella poisoning from it.  I also enjoy that I order from there so often that they recognize my voice over the phone and often comp me little extras, extra chicken, extra potatoes, and even a whole extra bottle of sauce.  Too bad I dropped the glass bottle on the driveway before it even made it into the house and never got to enjoy it. 😦   Last night we were out with our friend PC & DL, and DL has brought a new Portuguese Restaurant onto my radar.  It is fairly close to my office so I think I may just have to give it try, just not tonight.   Tonight is all about great friends, great Piri Piri, and great wine! Cheers! 😉

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