OC behaviour…

At the beginning of each fashion season I fall in love with a particular style of something.  Last year it was the open front, no button sweater/cardigan.  Aritizia had my favorite one, so why shouldn’t I have 3.  I now own about 6 of this particular style of sweater (not all the same brand, but same style), when just 2 probably would have been fine.  This year I am all about the Dolman sleeves, with slouchy neckline and a racer back tank underneath.  I have complied a small collection of this style of shirt already, and I had to really hold myself back from not adding some others to my now HUGE Christmas list (told you I would get over my gift block).  I understand that this sort of buying frenzy can be viewed as a little Obsessive Compulsive, but really I can’t help myself.  Each time I show R what I got that is new, he asks me “Don’t you already have one like that?”, then I have to explain to him how it differs from the previous versions.  I have also become a little obsessed with J Brand cargos and leggings, these aren’t cheap – this is one obsession that I need to kick in the butt.  I need to go cold turkey and stop buying anything J Brand, but they are just so comfortable and versatile.  You can dress them up or down so easily that  it’s hard not to want more to add my collection.  Have a look for yourself, I am sure that you will agree that each of these items is worth having more than 1 of.  🙂

J Brands!


December 1, 2010. Uncategorized.

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