R – man of expensive gifts

I managed to make a great Christmas list for all of those who required it, so then I asked R if he could make a list.  He told me that I could make a list for him and send it out – apparently I know exactly what he wants for Christmas.  So I have prepared a list of items that I feel are suitable for Christmas, you know…socks, pyjamas, a video game, maybe some gift cards.  He then tells me that he wants a 60″ 3D TV and maybe my parents, B & B, can buy it for him.  Or an electric torque wrench, some wireless headphones, a new race suit for the track, oh and apparently he needs a new helmet this year too.  He can probably also use some other expensive parts for one of his 2 Ducati’s…soon to be named Brokacti’s (he spends a lot of money on them).  I am surprised he hasn’t asked for flights to 1 of the 3 destinations he has planned for himself already this winter, I have probably just given him a great idea.  So, well I love him dearly, he is expensive to buy for.


December 2, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. JC replied:

    Brokactis??? Though your R & my R may not THINK that is funny, it is absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!

    • GGi aka Carolyn replied:

      I know! I thought it was funny too, but your right they won’t find the same humour in it. 🙂 Oh well…

  2. bg replied:

    maybe socks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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