Snow Days

Wouldn’t it be nice if offices and places of business besides schools closed on snow days?  We have had a LOT of snow since Sunday and the first snow fall of the year is always the worst for driving.  I compare it to a baby fawn just trying to stand and walk for the first time, all of these driver’s who aren’t prepared with snow tires or who just simply forget or don’t know how to drive in the snow.  They get out there and have to find their snow groove, just like the baby fawn has to find its steady legs.  The last 2 mornings my 35 minute drive to work has been 1.5 hours, cars in the ditches everywhere which causes road closures and congestion. I left 20 minutes early today in the hopes that I would be at work right on time, but I was 20 minutes late.  Both R & I use snow tires and drive all wheel drive cars, so we are fortunate that we can usually track through the snow without incident or accident (knock on wood). 

My biggest winter wish would be that in Ontario we would only have snow for December, and I would really like the light fluffy white snow only please.  Just enough to put you in that Christmas spirit and stay until the New Year and then melt away beautifully into the landscape.  I don’t like skiing here (I hate the icy hills) so I don’t see the need to have snow through Jan, Feb and Mar, just December will do!


December 7, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. bg replied:

    I`m with you all the way. Come on SUMMER.

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