For the Love of Portuguese Chicken

I love love love Portuguese Chicken, well actually I love the Piri Piri sauce that comes with the meal more than the meal itself.  There is a little restaurant near our house that has amazing Piri Piri sauce,  this is what I am having for dinner tonight.  It comes in Sweet, Medium and Hot, and the Parisienne potatoes (although a little greasy) are fantastic smothered in medium Piri Piri sauce.  Our friend R-O isn’t a fan of the chicken there because he feels that is over cooked, but I grew up in a total English Canadian household and they cook everything within an inch of its life (no offense B & B, and I know you eat your red meat medium) – so I think it’s fantastic.  It’s nice and dry and I have zero chances of getting salmonella poisoning from it.  I also enjoy that I order from there so often that they recognize my voice over the phone and often comp me little extras, extra chicken, extra potatoes, and even a whole extra bottle of sauce.  Too bad I dropped the glass bottle on the driveway before it even made it into the house and never got to enjoy it. 😦   Last night we were out with our friend PC & DL, and DL has brought a new Portuguese Restaurant onto my radar.  It is fairly close to my office so I think I may just have to give it try, just not tonight.   Tonight is all about great friends, great Piri Piri, and great wine! Cheers! 😉


December 10, 2010. Uncategorized.

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