The Christmas Tree…

Well the weekend is over, and we managed to get our tree yesterday and have it all decorated and ready for the holidays.  Getting the tree was a little bit of a challenge for R and I though, he is convinced that December must be the month that has the highest divorce rate.  Like all couples we have our “moments”, and we definitely had one of those yesterday at the tree farm.  Our originally plan was to borrow my dad’s truck and head over to a local lot that was selling trees, this is always a rip off since they totally over charge you, but it is convenient.  B & B had a better suggestion though, we should go to the tree farm that they always go to.  It really isn’t that far, and apparently the trees are way fresher so they last longer.  So, off we went to get our tree.  On the way out to this magical tree farm we were stuck behind a salt/sander truck, no worries though at least the roads are safe.  Once we arrive at the tree farm and pull into the parking lot it’s clear we aren’t going to make it very far.  The truck won’t move forward, tires are spinning and we are staying put.  It will move in reverse though, so we back up and little and try again…nothing.  At this point there is now a car behind us trying to get in the parking lot, and R is getting a little testy.  He doesn’t yell at me, but he ‘raises his voice’ to a volume that is clear to not only me but also to the  other tree patrons in the parking lot, that ‘doesn’t B have snow tires on this thing’.  And ‘come on C, do something to help’.  Me, not really sure what to do, offer to get out and guide him back out of the lot.  ‘YES, that would be a start’ is his reply.  Things are a little heated between us at this point, I don’t like being yelled at, I mean having someone speak loudly to me, and R believe’s that I simply do not have the capacity to pay attention to anything.  We purchase the first tree we see, which was a considerable amount less than the local lot would have been and head home.  As R and I are trying to have a rational discussion, I decide that maybe I should talk to him LOUDLY so that he can HEAR me, I am not yelling I just want to make sure he hears me.  This thankfully diffuses the situation and we make it home without further incident.  We agreed that R was completely right in that particular situation, and I was clearly in the wrong for not coming up with a suitable solution to our predicament in a timely fashion.  According to R, I freeze in times of need.  According to me, he expects that I have ESP and just know exactly what he is thinking and what he would like me to do.  We will never be able to participate in the Amazing Race, but we are able to overcome our obstacles.  I didn’t actually get a picture of the end product yet, but I did manage to get Ollie Bear to sit still long enough for a little Christmas portrait in front of our very crooked tree.   



December 13, 2010. Uncategorized.

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  1. bg replied:

    The truck does not need snow tires just a good driver.

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