Cold coffee

Over the weekend I had one the vehicles from my office, it was fabulous.  It has a heated steering wheel, park assist for dummies, a fancy dancy radio, the list goes on an on.  R and I were cruising in style, and since it is an SUV it was great for all the Christmas shopping we did.  I truly enjoyed driving it for the weekend, until yesterday morning.  It was bitter cold where we live yesterday, -26 celsius with wind chill or something ridiculous like that.  So I hop in the vehicle and put my coffee in the cup holder and put my other bags on the passenger seat.  I had just reached over to grab my phone out of my bag when my coffee toppled over and spilled all over the side of the passenger seat.  The prongs in the cup holder were frozen so when I put my cup there it wasn’t sitting straight, and I didn’t notice.  I ran into the house to grab a damp cloth and some paper towel and by the time I got back it was freezing to the seat.  Frozen coffee in a matter of seconds was on the side of the seat, between the centre console and the seat, it ran down to the rear floor mats, so basically it went everywhere and froze.  I try to wipe it up and the water from my cloth is freezing to the interior as well.  I am a wee bit annoyed and agitated by this turn of events and I am not really in the listening mood as R is suggesting I leave the vehicle running and let it warm up.  However he does have a valid point, so I put the heated seat on high and start it up.  So we wait…..about 20 minutes later we manage to wipe up most of the spilled coffee and when I arrived to work our detailer was kind enough to bring it in and get the rest of the smell out.  Good news is – all the coffee was cleaned up, I don’t take sugar in my coffee so nothing was left sticky, and it no longer smells like coffee!  R say’s these happen to me because I am not careful, but really I am just a little accident prone.


December 14, 2010. Uncategorized.

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