The Aftermath

So, I have taken a little bit of break from the blog.  The holidays can do that to a girl, they are kind of exhausting.  We had 2 Christmas’s this year, Christmas day at my cousin M’s and Boxing Day at R’s sister JM.  Christmas Day was really important to me this year as it was our first one without Grandma, and I missed her so much.  My Auntie J had instructions from her to give us each a gift, and while I know she was there in spirit in each of us, it was that card that brought those feelings to the surface.  How thoughtful and loving and special she was, and when we played a little game around the dinner table about what we were grateful for this Christmas, Auntie J said it best in 1 word – ‘memories’.  Boxing Day was another great day, this is the first year that we had our Boxing Day Christmas at JM’s new house and we went out there just after lunch and spent an amazing afternoon snow mobiling, eating, drinking and opening gifts.  Another great day for new memories.

R and I had to take down our tree on the 27th – seems we  bought the German Shepherd of Christmas trees this year as it was shedding like crazy.    I was actually relieved to have taken it down, and it prompted me to put away our gifts and try to bring a little order in the house.  I most excited that SG, our cleaning lady/dog walker extraordinaire was coming to clean the house (she had last week off, and I don’t really do cleaning) – turns out she is off this week too.  WTF?  I can’t believe I have to clean 2 weeks in a row, I know that I am whining and a bit of a princess about this, but R doesn’t do cleaning – at all.  Our deal when we moved in together was that since he doesn’t clean, we get to have a cleaning person since I refuse to clean up after both of us.  This arrangement has worked out great for us for the last 9 years, so it’s easy to understand why I might be missing it.  Oh well, off to clean I go.


December 29, 2010. Uncategorized.

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