Family & Friends Weekend

Wow – what a long day.  I am happy that it is almost over and I can head home to the boys.  This past weekend was great, it was one of those weekends that even though we didn’t do anything exciting I feel completely and totally content with my life.  R and I had a very low-key Friday night, after a whole week of puppy colitis to tend too I was EXHAUSTED.  Saturday I was able to leave work right at 5:00 and R, BA, E and I went for burritos’ and then we went to see my boyfriend Jason Statham in The Mechanic.  The movie is predictable and exactly what you expect from an action flick, but I will watch anything my boyfriends are in.  Afterwards, we hit to local Shoppers and ditched BA in the parking lot, we carved E the whole ride home because she doesn’t know how to brutter bread (yes, that’s how she said it), and then we whooped their petunias in 2 games of cards!  Then Sunday was JC’s birthday and after our morning run we had a great birthday brunch with friends, and later in the day B & B came over for dinner and brought us some BBBB’s.  BBBB’s are B’s Best Baked Buns and they are delicious!  To end off the weekend righ, after dinner I went next door to T’s and we had a little wine club – Yum.


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I can’t feel my leg!

So, I had another fall this morning – can you believe it?  This one is actually quite funny.  As usual this week I was up several times during the evening with SBG (Stinky Bum G aka Ollie Bear), the last time he got me up and I crawled back into bed I rolled over to my side.  A couple of hours later the alarm was screaming obscenities in my ear (or maybe that was me cursing the alarm), and I was desperate to make it stop.  I have a tendency to sleep through the alarm or just shut it off without realizing it, so mine is located away from the bed, forcing me to get out of bed to shut it off.  As I peeled myself off the bed I took 1 step, and then another and bailed.  My leg must have been at a weird angle in bed and it was asleep, I couldn’t feel it all.   I plummeted to the ground and almost landed on SBG in the process, he of course didn’t move a muscle – I mean really should he?  So I dragged myself the rest of the way across the floor to shut it off, and laid there until my leg at least started to get that tingly sensation letting me know there was no permanent damage.  I would like to point out, that this had nothing to do with me not paying attention, so sometimes R is wrong about me.  Sometimes these things just happen – no explanation required.  🙂

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Another Pair of J Brands…

Yup, I officially have a problem with these jeans and pants. I just can’t seem to get enough of them. This afternoon Ollie and I went out to pick up some more dog food for him, and we detoured a little to make a quick stop at Lemonberry. For those of you who may not be familiar with Lemonberry, it is a fabulous clothing store in St. Andrews Village, Aurora. The owner LS, who I also happen to consider a friend (lets hope the feeling is mutual – I think it is) is amazing and fully supports my addiction to this brand. I mean she must, she just keeps on bringing in new inventory for my shopping pleasure. Today I picked up the most amazing pair of jeggings (jean leggings), and I can’t wait to wear them. Maybe Saturday night if we do something fun, or for sure Sunday morning for JC’s birthday brunch. 🙂  The best part about today’s purchase – it didn’t cost me anything!!!  I had a store credit left over from Christmas, and I still have some left over. If you are looking for some great clothing options, I highly recommend checking out Lemonberry.

J Brand, JBRN-1763 901 Legging in Pompei,

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Singing in the car

Show of hands – who loves to turn up the volume reallly loud in the car and sing?  I do! (you didn’t really put your hand up did you?)  Last night I changed up my playlist on my ipod and Ollie Bear and I rocked out in the car.  I love watching other people sing the car too, or wheel drum – that is actually my favorite.  Pulling up beside someone who is so into their music that they have a full on air band happening in their car, I didn’t witness this today but I did see the singer.  Turns out we were both jamming in our cars, I felt like we were kindred spirits.  Music has the most amazing effect on our moods, I feel great today. Here is one of my fav songs in my playlist right now – happy singing.

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How to lose 4lbs in 10 days….

This is my current mission.  I have mentioned on several occasions that I can’t control myself around candy and sugar and that I am going to stop and be better.  Well, those damned baby oranges aren’t cutting it anymore (and truth be told they haven’t for a while).  I weighed myself this morning, big mistake, HUGE!  I have a problem with the scale, at one point R threw it out and we didn’t have one for 5 years.  Then last year I went and bought one, and now I limit the weighs in to approx. once every 6 months or so.  Usually I am very happy with the results and have just decided to weigh myself on a whim, not today.  I have been feeling rather sluggish lately (not just yesterday from being tired), I had an injury that prevented me from running for 2 weeks and I think I ate chocolate everyday as a consolation.   I try to tell myself that it’s just a number, how do my clothes fit…that is the determining factor for how I feel.  Well…….they feel a little tight in the behind, and then there is that slight muffin appearing at the top of my jeans.  So today is the day that I actually stop fooling around and eating Longo’s ice cream bars at night and start having a banana when I am hungry.   I would like to lose 4 lbs, sounds reasonable I think and I know that it is attainable and will actually make me feel better.  I am petite so this 4lbs will actually have a big impact on how I feel.  Stay tuned, I will let you know how I make out in 10 days. 🙂  Happy Tuesday.

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So Sleepy

I am at that point in the day where I feel like I am in a complete daze.  Late night Stinky Bum aka Ollie had me up 4 times last night, seems to be having a bit of a colitis flare up this week, and I am so unrested today.  A lot of people seem to sympathize with Ollie “Oh, poor Ollie” they say.  F that, I’d like to hear “Oh, poor you and Ollie”  I mean I am the one who has drag my petunia out of bed and go out with him.  Nothing seems to be helping me feel more alert either, I have tried coffee, sugar, fresh air, snacking, and still I feel sluggish.  It has taken me 35 min to complete a task at work that normally takes about 5.  When the alarm finally did go off this morning I was tempted to rip the plug out of the wall and chuck it out the window.  I simply cannot wait to get home and relax with a steaming mug of tea, put on some warm and comfy pj’s, crawl into bed and curl up with my book. 

Here’s hoping that I have sufficiently drugged the little stinker and he makes it through the night tonight.  If not I may just have to write a midnight entry in a sleep deprived state and see if I am magically transformed into a brilliant writer when I am incoherent.

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Our home and auto insurance is up for renewal in February.  I despise paying for insurance, while I completely understand and agree with the necessity of insurance, I don’t like paying for it.  I think that the average family with a house, 2 cars, and life insurance is probably doling out about $500 a month in insurance.  Then for the families with children that have insured them as well I am sure that I am being a little light on the number.  At our house it’s higher than that, but R doesn’t have the cleanest driving record, plus we insurance his Ducati as well…and good luck finding cheap insurance for that.  I was just reviewing all the renewal documents, and our car insurance has gone up over $400 per year!! Why???  And our home insurance $200 per year!  How come we have no control or say over how much we are paying for things like, insurance, water, gas, cable, phone??  These are things that everyone needs (ok, maybe you don’t need cable, but who really besides JC can live without it) and the powers that be (secret classified agencies) get to arbitrarily make money off of us.  It’s just not fair – do you know how many awesome pairs of shoes I would have at $500.00 a month!  These beauty’s might actually be mine.




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Hot Boxing the car…

I am not a fan of this (and I am not referring to a big fat joint either), yet my dear sweet little Ollie Bear loves to jump in the car after a hard day playing at Puppy Camp and let one rip (ok, they are silent but violent).  He does this 90% of the time that I pick him up.  A few weeks ago I had a company vehicle for weekend (same one I spilled the coffee in, that froze to the interior), so my car sat in the parking lot at work for the weekend.  The weather had gone from moderately mild to extremely cold over the course of the weekend, and by my car had sat out for over 48 hours unmoved by the time I was ready to leave that Monday evening.  I picked Ollie up on my way home and he happily continued with his nightly ritual of gassing in the car – 😦 Normally I just open the back windows and air the car out, but this night was different.  My windows – all of them, were frozen shut, the sunroof wouldn’t open, nothing.  I was dying!!!  Ollie was happy as a pig in kaka, and I was sure I was dying a slow death by asphyxiation.  Apparently my sister-in-law JM’s puppy Massie smiles, and if that’s true then Ollie was definitely smiling that night.  I now carry a small air freshener spray in my car in Fresh Linen scent, like a girl scout ‘Always be prepared’ – too bad I had to learn the smelly way.

These obviously aren’t pictures of Ollie, but this is exactly how I imagine he feels when he does this to me.  His own personal practical joke.

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The Wallpaper…

This is the ongoing saga of my powder room.  I decided that I was bored with the upstairs main bath and I headed out to our local paint/wallpaper store and brought home the wallpaper book that had the paper I was dying to put up in that bathroom.  I consider that ‘my’ bathroom, it is where I like to shower in the mornings.  Our master en suite has one of those separate showers and it feels cramped and small.  So, I picked out the wallpaper that I loved and brought the book home to check it out in that light.  BA and E just happened to be around so I had them come up and look and sadly we all agreed that it didn’t go with the cabinets or counter top.  I picked out a new wallpaper for that bathroom, and then lightning struck!  I had the best idea, I could still have that paper that I loved I would use it in the powder room.  BA offered up her expert wallpaper services as part of my birthday present and we got to papering.  Turns out the wallpaper store didn’t advise me properly and I didn’t have enough paper.  I promptly called the store and explained my their mistake and ordered another roll of paper, they said it should take about 10 days to come in.  3 weeks later I called to ask on the status of my order and was informed it was on backorder and would arrive mid December.   All of this occurred back in October, here we are the middle of January and still no wallpaper.  I just called the store and they informed me that I was notified in December that it was no longer available – really??  Pretty sure I would remember being told that my bathroom would NEVER be finished!!!  They are going to look into it and call me back, and they better have magically found another roll of that precious paper or they can come and wallpaper it for free with a new paper of my liking!

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Online Shopping

I don’t know how I do it, but I can usually find anything that I have seen and liked online.  I even have friends and family who now ask me for help when something they want is no longer available in the stores.  And with our CDN dollar at an all time high, I can usually find it for less – even when you factor in duties coming across the border.  My latest find is this incredible hand cream that the hair salon I go to gave to me for Christmas.  Upon receiving it, they advised me that this was it – it was not available for retail sale, they couldn’t get more.  Well, that was a challenge if I ever heard one.  It is Hammam Hand Cream by Davines, and it comes as a 2 piece set – you receive this incredible hand scrub and the hand cream.  The scent is Beramot Black Pepper, which doesn’t sound like it would smell good, but it is lovely.  So off on my mission I went.  Took me 1 google search to 2 different sites to find what I desired, and I now have 2 more sets of this hand cream in my possession.  If you can’t find something that you really want, send me an email.  I am more than happy to help. 🙂 

Davines HAMMAM Ritual Hand Treatment 2x1oz

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