Boxing Day Brokeness

It seems that once I am in the buying mode, I just can’t stop.  With all of the pre christmas shopping for presents it really gets the old bank card working.  Then they announce boxing day, and it seems that both R and I are still in buying mode.  I have officially put us on a spending freeze today, time to work our little petunias off and put some money back in the bank.  Damn you retailers and your 50% off signs that are so enticing, I really truly need nothing, but there is so much that I think I should buy.  And what happened to Boxing Day??  Now it’s all about Boxing week.  I stood in a line of approx. 20 people at Lululemon to exchange some pants that I bought for R, at the same time I grabbed myself the cutest little jacket with a ruffle on the back (not on sale).  I did this after Boxing Day though in an effort to miss the big lines, but had to do it before January 9th to abide by store policy.  Craziness!   I did by the way get my super cute shoes from BCBG, they did get them in my size and in Canada after all – sadly they were also not on sale. 😦  I think I am just one of those people who get sucked in by the sale sign, and spend lots of money on all of the new arrivals.

I also wanted to report that R did read my Christmas blog and took the not so subtle hint of buying me a beautiful diamond and platinum eternity band!  I LOVE it.


January 4, 2011. Uncategorized.

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