It’s no secret that I am not graceful, or well coordinated for that matter when it comes to walking or running.  I fall and run into things all the time.  R says it’s because I don’t pay attention to anything, but that’s not true.  On Sunday T and I went for our morning run, she was ahead of me (like she always is) and I saw her slip on a patch of ice.  I decided to slow down over that area and take my time, I fell anyways.  As soon as my foot hit the ice I was up in the air and I was flat on back, smacked my head of the ice the process.  Turns out I even had whiplash from the impact.  Then today I was walking through the shop at work and walked right into the side of a car – WTF?  It’s not like it was a little car that I wouldn’t have noticed, it was a full size sports car and I practically face planted the passenger side window.  In the summer I had a doozie of a fall down the stairs, I was wearing my friction free running socks (to avoid blisters) carrying a load of laundry downstairs and down I went.  I hit every stair and thankfully only had a ginormous bruise on my petunia that turned BLACK the very next day, and when I say black I mean black.  I was proud of that one, I was pulling down my pants and showing anyone who cared to see the HUGE bruise on my behind.  Please tell me it’s not just me who is so clumsy – there has to more like me out there right?


January 5, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. JC replied:

    Love this photo. It is my desktop wallpaper today 🙂

  2. JC replied:

    P.S. Also loving the GGi redesign 😉

  3. Bev Gurney replied:

    Well all I can say is that Carolyn got that trait from her mother.

  4. bg replied:

    A word of advice is watch were you are going. I helps sometimes.

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