We were watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory last night and it got me to thinking about apps.  Not the kind that you can eat, but the fabulous little programs that you can download to your iPad, iPhone or Blackberry – I love them.  People are so clever with their app ideas, I was searching the apps store on my iPad last night and the possibilities are endless.  On my iPad my favourite apps are Kobo (this is where I down load all of my books), the City TV app (lets me watch BT live in the mornings while I am doing my make up), Cineplex App (this is actually best on my blackberry, pre pay for movie tickets and in you go), Angry Bird (who isn’t addicted to this game), and People Magazine app.  I also have a couple of great finance, news and health apps, but they aren’t in my top 5.  I wish they had an app to completely organize your life with little effort, something that told you what to wear, what to eat, what time you had to leave the house to make it to your destination based on real-time traffic and weather delays.  This app would be best with pictures of everything you should eat and wear, and it should be intuitive.  If I could create this app (not that I have any idea how to create an app) I believe that it would help hundreds of thousands of people everyday manage their time more effectively.  Now, who knows how to take my idea and make it a reality?


January 7, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. Mom (2) replied:

    Perhaps the basement granny could organize your every waking moment….she would love the power!!!!!What the hell’s an app????

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