Self Worth

Yesterday I went to the dentist, I had a small cavity that I needed to have filled.  I am one of those people who actually don’t mind visiting the dentist, the office I go to feels comfy and cozy.  It’s located in a beautiful century home, and the waiting area has large fireplace and comfy couches and love seats to curl up with a magazine and wait.  The office was started by my earlier dentist (who is still there, but approaching retirement), but she has brought in new dentists to expand the practice and take over from her.  My new dentist is amazing, she is young, super nice, and I feel like outside of her office we would actually have a lot in common.  In short – she gets it, or me at least.  In a previous visit I had gone in with  a slightly chipped tooth, but it was right at the front and really bothered me.  She got it – she knew that even though it was something small it was important to me that it was fixed (that’s my vanity kicking in).  While I was there yesterday she told me about her patient who was in just before me, a man slightly older than us that had a chipped tooth.  His was a big bad chip and it needed repair for more reasons that just esthetics, but he took one look at her and asked the dental assistant if ‘she’ was really the dentist??  Why is it that there are many people out there that are so quick to judge?  She is young, beautiful, nice and extremely good at what she does.  He continued to be condescending through his entire visit and by the end she was determined to make his smile even better than it was before.  She was going to show him, that despite what his first impressions of her may be, she is an excellent dentist.  What bothers me about this, is that not only did he judge her so quickly as young and inexperienced, but also her sub conscious need to prove herself to him.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  What is it about our nature that drives us to seek approval from everyone, even those that we don’t know.  We all do this, whether we show it or not, I am no different.  In fact I often feel that I am being challenged to prove that I am what I say am, what I am getting from it in the end?  A pat on the back to say good job, a sense of empowerment, the satisfaction of proving our worth?  Why can’t we just be and let be?


January 14, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. bg replied:

    You don`t have to prove anything. Just be yourself, that`s what we LOVE.

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