Flu & Cold Season

Show of hands – who likes being around sick people?? Anyone? Me either, and yet so many people leave the house and go to work or school or anywhere that they can to spread their germs. I don’t get it! Why? When I am sick (thankfully that rarely happens) I don’t go to work. And I am not talking about a bit a of a snuffy nose and a cough that keeps you up at night. I am talking about those people who have to carry the Kleenex box around with them, and are constantly blowing their nose and then shaking your hand, or touching things that you could come into contact with too. Or the people who tell you all about how they had the stomach flu the day before, but don’t worry – they feel better now. Whenever I hear that I automatically feel sick to my stomach – take an extra day off to get 100% better people. And I don’t believe all that baloney about how you are contagious before you get sick. When you are sick, that virus, bug, infection, whatever – is still there making you sick. So please, please, please – if you are sick stay home and get better. Not only will you get better faster, but you’ll reduce the risk of spreading your germs to the rest of the healthy population.  I know none of my friends are these kind of germ spreaders, but I bet we all know a few. 🙂


January 17, 2011. Uncategorized.

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