The Wallpaper…

This is the ongoing saga of my powder room.  I decided that I was bored with the upstairs main bath and I headed out to our local paint/wallpaper store and brought home the wallpaper book that had the paper I was dying to put up in that bathroom.  I consider that ‘my’ bathroom, it is where I like to shower in the mornings.  Our master en suite has one of those separate showers and it feels cramped and small.  So, I picked out the wallpaper that I loved and brought the book home to check it out in that light.  BA and E just happened to be around so I had them come up and look and sadly we all agreed that it didn’t go with the cabinets or counter top.  I picked out a new wallpaper for that bathroom, and then lightning struck!  I had the best idea, I could still have that paper that I loved I would use it in the powder room.  BA offered up her expert wallpaper services as part of my birthday present and we got to papering.  Turns out the wallpaper store didn’t advise me properly and I didn’t have enough paper.  I promptly called the store and explained my their mistake and ordered another roll of paper, they said it should take about 10 days to come in.  3 weeks later I called to ask on the status of my order and was informed it was on backorder and would arrive mid December.   All of this occurred back in October, here we are the middle of January and still no wallpaper.  I just called the store and they informed me that I was notified in December that it was no longer available – really??  Pretty sure I would remember being told that my bathroom would NEVER be finished!!!  They are going to look into it and call me back, and they better have magically found another roll of that precious paper or they can come and wallpaper it for free with a new paper of my liking!


January 19, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Mom (2) replied:

    OMG…are you kiddiing me???? If nothing else…they will have to come and strip what is already on the wall before any other paper can be hung!!! Unbelievable! BA

  2. JC replied:

    You should call my friend Carolyn. She could probably find it for you on the internet 🙂

  3. GGi aka Carolyn replied:

    OMG – that is so funny. I totally just did find it on the internet for half the price and I ordered it. Once I actually have it in my hot little hands I will cancel the other order. Want to make sure it is actually the right paper first.

  4. bg replied:

    Watch the batch number could be a different colour.

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