Hot Boxing the car…

I am not a fan of this (and I am not referring to a big fat joint either), yet my dear sweet little Ollie Bear loves to jump in the car after a hard day playing at Puppy Camp and let one rip (ok, they are silent but violent).  He does this 90% of the time that I pick him up.  A few weeks ago I had a company vehicle for weekend (same one I spilled the coffee in, that froze to the interior), so my car sat in the parking lot at work for the weekend.  The weather had gone from moderately mild to extremely cold over the course of the weekend, and by my car had sat out for over 48 hours unmoved by the time I was ready to leave that Monday evening.  I picked Ollie up on my way home and he happily continued with his nightly ritual of gassing in the car – 😦 Normally I just open the back windows and air the car out, but this night was different.  My windows – all of them, were frozen shut, the sunroof wouldn’t open, nothing.  I was dying!!!  Ollie was happy as a pig in kaka, and I was sure I was dying a slow death by asphyxiation.  Apparently my sister-in-law JM’s puppy Massie smiles, and if that’s true then Ollie was definitely smiling that night.  I now carry a small air freshener spray in my car in Fresh Linen scent, like a girl scout ‘Always be prepared’ – too bad I had to learn the smelly way.

These obviously aren’t pictures of Ollie, but this is exactly how I imagine he feels when he does this to me.  His own personal practical joke.


January 20, 2011. Uncategorized.

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