Our home and auto insurance is up for renewal in February.  I despise paying for insurance, while I completely understand and agree with the necessity of insurance, I don’t like paying for it.  I think that the average family with a house, 2 cars, and life insurance is probably doling out about $500 a month in insurance.  Then for the families with children that have insured them as well I am sure that I am being a little light on the number.  At our house it’s higher than that, but R doesn’t have the cleanest driving record, plus we insurance his Ducati as well…and good luck finding cheap insurance for that.  I was just reviewing all the renewal documents, and our car insurance has gone up over $400 per year!! Why???  And our home insurance $200 per year!  How come we have no control or say over how much we are paying for things like, insurance, water, gas, cable, phone??  These are things that everyone needs (ok, maybe you don’t need cable, but who really besides JC can live without it) and the powers that be (secret classified agencies) get to arbitrarily make money off of us.  It’s just not fair – do you know how many awesome pairs of shoes I would have at $500.00 a month!  These beauty’s might actually be mine.





January 21, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. JC replied:

    Wait a minute…aren’t they already yours 🙂

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