So Sleepy

I am at that point in the day where I feel like I am in a complete daze.  Late night Stinky Bum aka Ollie had me up 4 times last night, seems to be having a bit of a colitis flare up this week, and I am so unrested today.  A lot of people seem to sympathize with Ollie “Oh, poor Ollie” they say.  F that, I’d like to hear “Oh, poor you and Ollie”  I mean I am the one who has drag my petunia out of bed and go out with him.  Nothing seems to be helping me feel more alert either, I have tried coffee, sugar, fresh air, snacking, and still I feel sluggish.  It has taken me 35 min to complete a task at work that normally takes about 5.  When the alarm finally did go off this morning I was tempted to rip the plug out of the wall and chuck it out the window.  I simply cannot wait to get home and relax with a steaming mug of tea, put on some warm and comfy pj’s, crawl into bed and curl up with my book. 

Here’s hoping that I have sufficiently drugged the little stinker and he makes it through the night tonight.  If not I may just have to write a midnight entry in a sleep deprived state and see if I am magically transformed into a brilliant writer when I am incoherent.


January 24, 2011. Uncategorized.

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