Singing in the car

Show of hands – who loves to turn up the volume reallly loud in the car and sing?  I do! (you didn’t really put your hand up did you?)  Last night I changed up my playlist on my ipod and Ollie Bear and I rocked out in the car.  I love watching other people sing the car too, or wheel drum – that is actually my favorite.  Pulling up beside someone who is so into their music that they have a full on air band happening in their car, I didn’t witness this today but I did see the singer.  Turns out we were both jamming in our cars, I felt like we were kindred spirits.  Music has the most amazing effect on our moods, I feel great today. Here is one of my fav songs in my playlist right now – happy singing.


January 26, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. bg replied:

    Hope your not singing Lo Riderrr.

  2. Mom (2) replied:

    My music book has all the words to those famous old songs….seeing as you love to sing….On Top Of old Smokey?

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