Family & Friends Weekend

Wow – what a long day.  I am happy that it is almost over and I can head home to the boys.  This past weekend was great, it was one of those weekends that even though we didn’t do anything exciting I feel completely and totally content with my life.  R and I had a very low-key Friday night, after a whole week of puppy colitis to tend too I was EXHAUSTED.  Saturday I was able to leave work right at 5:00 and R, BA, E and I went for burritos’ and then we went to see my boyfriend Jason Statham in The Mechanic.  The movie is predictable and exactly what you expect from an action flick, but I will watch anything my boyfriends are in.  Afterwards, we hit to local Shoppers and ditched BA in the parking lot, we carved E the whole ride home because she doesn’t know how to brutter bread (yes, that’s how she said it), and then we whooped their petunias in 2 games of cards!  Then Sunday was JC’s birthday and after our morning run we had a great birthday brunch with friends, and later in the day B & B came over for dinner and brought us some BBBB’s.  BBBB’s are B’s Best Baked Buns and they are delicious!  To end off the weekend righ, after dinner I went next door to T’s and we had a little wine club – Yum.


January 31, 2011. Uncategorized.

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