BLET 086

This is my new plate number on Audrey 2.0.  Looks easy to remember and harmless enough to me, in fact I am quite happy that out of the hundreds of thousands of plates combinations I can remember this one.  Audrey went in for tint and stone guard on Tuesday and the installer RS, texted me and informed me he ‘heard’ that Blet means something derogatory in Russian.  Ya, cause I know a lot of Russian and would recognize that right away.  I strolled over to speak with one of the girls who works in our service department, as she speaks fluent Russian and show her the text message I received.  Yup – it’s a bad word alright.  Means F*&k or Slut if referring to a female.  Isn’t that lovely, Audrey when she is clean is a clean F*&k, and when she is dirty she’s a dirty slut!  Can you believe that?  My last plate number was ARCH 731, another easy one to remember, but it apparently loosely translated in German meant Ass.  I think the Ministry of Transportation has it out for me and my cars, not sure who I pissed off, but they sure are getting even with me.  And they are so cleaver, disguising everything in languages that I can’t speak or read.  Well, I am not going to let it bother me, the ladies may not like Audrey, but I bet the gents will love her. 🙂


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Low on fuel?

Have you ever run out of gas?  No?  Me either, but I know someone who has and she is probably going to kill me for writing about it, but I can’t help myself.  Yesterday T and I were going to meet JC for a run at the indoor track, on the way there we receive a call from JC.  She has run out of gas at the entrance to the complex, T quickly pulls into the gas station we pass on the way and we both realize that we don’t have money on us.  No wallets, and a combined total of $9.25 in cash – not enough to buy a gas can and put gas in it.  As we proceed to the complex to rescue JC we crest the hill and there she is, it was impossible not to laugh our petunias off at her predicament.  She passed the gas station on the way to the complex and decided she would get gas on the way home – NOPE.  I stayed with JC’s car while she and T went to gas station for a $5.00 gas can.  It was cccccold waiting there for them to come back, thank god JC is sick and had a Costco sized amount of Kleenex in her car, I had a runny nose and I was starting to lose feeling in my feet when they returned.  I almost resorted to using one the dogs blankies for warmth.  Even though I only waited in the car for about 10 minutes, let this be lesson to us all to keep snacks, blankets and most importantly Kleenex in your car.  You never know when you might run out of gas (ok, this you have a pretty good sign of when it might happen) or break down on the side of the road.  Just like my accident last week, not 1 person stopped to see if we were ok or needed help.  My disappointment is setting in a little deeper.

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Audrey the Audi

Wow – what a week?  The insurance company wrote off my car yesterday and today I get my new car!!  Very exciting.  Audrey 2.0 is due to arrive here at the dealership later today, and I can’t wait to get acquainted with her (and yes, I named my last Audi, Audrey – so this is Audrey 2.0 the upgrade).  I am a little disappointed in the insurance company’s first offer for my broken car, but I am dealing with them on obtaining a higher value and I feeling pretty positive about it all.  Here is a picture of Audrey in her final resting state.

On a different topic – I am going to GLEE in June!!!!  I am not afraid or ashamed to admit it – I am a full on Gleek, complete with a Glee playlist on my iPod.  JC emailed me yesterday and said ‘Quick, I need to know within the next 15 min if you want to go to Glee’.  Ummm….like she even needed to ask, OF COURSE I want to go to Glee.  I often wish that I could sing and dance at random like they do in that show, sadly I am sure I would be admitted to the nearest loony bin.  At home I put on full on dance clinics all by myself though, no one there but R and Ollie Bear to judge me and they are both used to my crazy at home antics.

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The Pillow Debate – Feather vs. Contoured

Do you sleep on a contoured pillow – or have you tried one?  I know some people swear by them, like they are the Porsche of pillows.  Me – not so much.   It has been recommended that for this week I sleep on one of these contoured pillows.  We have a couple of them as R actually likes them sometimes, so I obeyed and traded pillows with him 2 nights ago.  OMG – who can get comfortable on these things?  I lay there WIDE awake for hours, I finally spun the pillow 180 degrees and slept on the not as contoured side.  Last night I opted for one of our other contoured pillows.  Was it better than the first one I tried?  Marginally.  I am a feather pillow girl – I am not sure who the model was for the contoured pillow, but we are nothing alike.  I like to wrap my pillow around my face when I sleep, pull it up around my ears and snuggle under the duvet.  The contoured pillow makes this task impossible, you just have to lay there and pray for sleep to come and take you out of your misery.  Have a look for yourself, you must have a pretty long neck for this sucker to lull you to sleep.


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Happy Valentines!

I should have made this post yesterday, but my day didn’t quite turn out as I had planned.   R and I decided last week that we would celebrate Valentines Day on Saturday night, so we had reservations for dinner at one of our favorite little restaurants and that was going to be our acknowledgement to cupid’s arrows.  When I arrived home from work Saturday R wasn’t feeling well, but we headed out for dinner anyways.  When we got to the restaurant it turns out they had an error with an earlier reservation and our table was not available, they handled it very well by giving us a $100.00  gift certificate to enjoy dinner on another evening.  We headed to the clinic to get R some drugs for his sinuses and then went to another local restaurant for quick bite to eat.  Fast forward to Monday…I switched my day off this week to Monday as a co-worker is going on vacay and I am covering for him.  R sent a huge and beautiful bouquet to my office, but I wasn’t there to receive them so I decided to go down and get them.  I was just about at my office when a woman decided it was a good idea to go ahead and make a left turn in front of me, cutting me off, and I in turn slammed into her.  All of my airbags went off, and the damage to my car is extensive.  As it turns out this woman can’t do anything without the assistance of her son, so we had to sit and wait for him to arrive.  Thankfully no one was hurt (aside from being a lot sore today), and we went off to the accident reporting center.  While there I got the distinct impression that this woman had no idea she was in the wrong – WTF?  You pulled out and made a left hand turn right in front of me??  How is this MY fault?  It’s not and the insurance company agrees with me, so they are giving me a comparable car until they fix mine.  It’s actually going to be a close one, so I would rather they not fix it, but I am in a wait and see until the end of the week.  I did end my evening with chocolate covered strawberries, a HUGE glass of vino, and an epsom salts bubble bath.  Happy Valentines R, and thanks for the flowers, they were worth it.

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Harbour Sixty

This evening I am attending a dinner with my department at work in honour of a huge achievement for us all.  We sold 500 new cars last year, that gave us about 25% of our market share in Canada!!!  Amazing.  Our celebratory dinner is happening at Harbour Sixty, a restaurant that while beautiful and nice and the food is good, I am not a huge fan of.  If you enjoy a great big piece of bloody red cow meat then this place is totally for you.  I however, do not enjoy this meat.  I have mentioned before that I am a picky eater, and I freely admit that and I am not sorry about it.  Yet times like these can be challenging for me, I looked up the menu online and it consists of about 10 different variety’s of dead cow, dead little lambs, and dead baby cows.  Then they offer Cornish Hens (which I am not fond), stuffed with MUSHROOMS – disgusting, and Lobster, Ahi Tuna, Salmon, Sole, etc…  Here I am thinking I am totally screwed, I am going to be ordering salad and side dishes, when I noticed Pan Seared Halibut on the menu – hallelujah, something I will eat.  I was starting to think I might need to find a DD and have a liquid dinner – I can always find wine that I like. 😉

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A Message from Ollie Bear’s Doctor…Important for puppy owners.

Xylitol (Sugar Substitute) Toxicity in Dogs

 As our society grapples with obesity and diabetes, more and more sugar substitutes are available. A relatively new and increasingly popular one is Xylitol.

 Xylitol is a sugar alcohol made from birch, raspberries, plums and corn. It is a white crystalline powder and can be found in a wide variety of products such as gum, candies, mouth washes, and toothpaste. This artificial sweetener is increasingly available in large quantities for cooking and baking, just as you would purchase sugar.

 From the veterinary perspective, Xylitol is becoming a rapidly emerging toxin in dogs and possibly to ferrets. Reports of toxicity in cats are lacking but this may be due to decreased encounters and is not an indication that it is harmless to our feline friends.

 Xylitol can harm dogs in two ways. Firstly it can cause a rapid release of insulin in the body. This increase results in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). The second and often more detrimental result of Xylitol is acute hepatic necrosis (death of liver cells).

 Hypoglycemia usually occurs within 30 to 60 minutes of ingestion. The lowest possible dose to cause this is 0.1 grams per kilogram. Given that a piece of Xylitol sweetened gum may contain as much as 1 to 2 grams per piece that would mean that a 10kg dog could be poisoned with as little as 1 or 2 pieces of gum! Signs of hypoglycemia may include vomiting, weakness, ataxia (inability to walk in a straight line or appearing drunk), depression and even seizures.

 Liver damage is thought to occur at higher doses; usually 0.2-0.4g/kg. Some studies are now suggesting that dogs who had acute liver failure and complications associated with this often had no signs of hypoglycemia. These dogs showed acute illness 48 hours after ingestion of the Xylitol and some had increased liver enzymes prior to showing illness. This syndrome is often fatal.

 Based on the low dose required, and the potential for serious consequences, Xylitol toxicity is a serious and emerging toxicity which needs to be well publicized in order to prevent more cases. If a dog is known to have ingested xylitol then decontamination at a veterinary hospital should be performed as soon as possible. There is no evidence to suggest that activated charcoal is of any use. Blood glucose monitoring and liver enzyme monitoring must be done and followed for up to 48 hours.

 Spread the word that this sweetener can be fatal to our Fidos!

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Similar to my love for shoes, I also love watches (too bad I never seem to be on time!).  And I have 2 beautiful new Michael Kors watches that I just can’t seem to get enough of – I love them.  R doesn’t understand this as he never wears watches, and yet he has the BEST watch in our house.  It was given to him by his office for his 10 year, a beautiful Breitling, that I can’t seem to convince him to let me have. Sure, he wears it occasionally when we are going out somewhere, but if I owned such a fine time piece I would wear it everywhere.  My watches are obviously affordable (unlike his) so I get to have a few of them, ok 6, I have 6 watches and I love them all.  This way I seem to have a watch for any occasion, I love accessorizing with them and I always get compliments on them.  I am content with what I have, but should R and I ever find ourselves in a situation where money is no object I would love love love a beautiful ceramic Chanel watch.

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Snow Karma

This past weekend we got a lot of snow.  I know that it’s winter and all, but here’s what had my knickers in a knot, both R and BA were/are away.  R spent the weekend at Tremblant skiing, and BA is off cruising the Caribbean.  That left Ollie Bear and I to deal with the mountain of snow that fell from the gray and dreary sky on Saturday evening, and since Ollie really isn’t much of a help, that left me.  I was late leaving the office on Saturday and it was blizzard like conditions on my way home, I was going to T’s for dinner, wine and a movie when I got home and it was already after 7:00 so I decided to shovel in the morning.  To quote Pretty Woman “Big Mistake, HUGE” – the temperature gradually warmed through the overnight and the snow got heavier and heavier on the driveway.  R informed me Saturday night that the snow blower had no more gas in it and that it requires a 2 stroke mixture, that I really didn’t have the patience to figure out the ratio and mix in the cold.  Not to mention I would have to go out and buy the gas as well.  So I shovelled the driveway, it was torture.  After I finished shovelling and I was recovering in the house, R called to let me know he was off the spa for the day.  Are you F*&king kidding me???   It took FOREVER, I was out there with no coat on I was working up such a sweat and he is off getting a hot stone  at the spa!  I believe in Karma, what goes around comes around.  I do have a special thank you to T and CT for shovelling BA’s stairs for me though.

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Some updates…

Here are some updates on some of my earlier posts.

  1. 30 sessions of Pilates completed – I am now wondering if a session is a class, or a series of classes.  If they are referring to a series of classes then I still have a long way to go, but if they are referring to a class then I have to say that I LOVE Pilates, but it hasn’t completely transformed my body.  I do feel the core strength and I have definitely progressed during my time there, so yes, I feel different, but I don’t look a ton different.
  2. Voles are in our backyard – I bet they are eating the roots of BA’s precious garden right now.  She says that she doesn’t want them, but she certainly doesn’t seem to be doing anything to discourage them.  In fact the last time we asked her about them she shrugged and said ‘It’s all snowy out right now, I can’t see the tunnels’.  Grow and breed little Voles, now’s your chance.
  3. Wallpaper has arrived – my wallpaper has magically appeared at the store from the warehouse.  Amazing what happens when you point out the error of a retail establishments ways, either you strip my existing wallpaper and replace with paper of my choosing for free…or…find my damn wallpaper.  They chose the latter and I now have it in my possession. YAY!
  4. I have lost 3.5lbs in 10 days – not bad if I do say so myself.  Amazing what a little self-control will do for you.  I miss candy and chocolate like crazy, but I am substituting with wine and my pants feel much better.  I think if I aim for 2 more pounds, and up my cardio I can go back on the crack err I mean chocolate.
  5. I drove behind that A-hole flicking butts out of the window AGAIN last week.  I am tempted to rear end him.

Happy Monday – hope you have a great day.

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