Avocados and Olives….

Isn’t it amazing how your tastes change over time.  I never used to like Avocados or Olives and now I love them!  JC and RO introduced me to the BEST olives a while back, they are Cerignola Olives and they are big, and green, and wonderful.  They have a secret place in Otown where they buy them in large glass jars and they have amazingly delivered them to us.  So yesterday I noticed an email from a website called Beyond the Rack and they were advertising 1/2 price Cerignola Olives, woohoo – I bought 3 jars!!  It really is amazing how good they are, and how I only recently discovered my love for them.  The same goes for avocados, about a year ago I went to see a holistic nutritionist and she was preaching the health benefits of avocados and insisted I try incorporating them into my diet.  I don’t like store-bought guacamole, but she gave me a great recipe for homemade guacamole and it is amazing.  And so easy to make, mash-up avocados, add diced seeded Roma tomatoes, lime juice, diced shallots or onions, salt and pepper and cilantro is optional if you like it.  Delicious.  And I now enjoy avocado in my salads, on sandwiches, on their own drizzled with olive oil and balsamic, and I LOVE guacamole with nachos and fajita’s.  What other foods are simply amazing that I haven’t discovered yet?  Happy eating!


February 1, 2011. Uncategorized.

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