I am back…

Wow, it feels so nice to be missed.  I took a 2 day hiatus from writing and I received some emails asking if I was no longer writing my blog – I am.  With Wednesday’s ‘snow day’ I felt that I deserved a break, and then yesterday was my ‘all about me day’.  I had my hair done, got a manicure, went for a massage – ahhhh, I feel so refreshed today.  I also went to my favourite overpriced grocery store, Pusateri’s, and for the first time ever (at least for me) it wasn’t busy.  There wasn’t any pushy people muscling their way through the store.  I had the freedom to roam, and it was wonderful.  Last night T, JC and I went for a run at the indoor track – which I hate, but with our roads the way they are right now we felt it was best.  The best part about our run was at the end when we were stretching this random guy comes up to us and asks if we do Yoga, JC and T just stand there and stare at him with a look of distaste, so I engage him in conversation.  ‘Yes, we do take Yoga, are you looking for a studio?’ I ask.  ‘No, I am just wondering about some Yoga stretches for the back of my legs, I hurt myself and my doctor recommended Yoga Stretches’.  So I show him a couple of stretches and dismiss him.  I kinda think he just wanted to talk to us because we are so hot, and now I am the nice hot one! 🙂  R is away this weekend, skiing and freezing his petunia off at Mount Tremblant, so Ollie Bear and I are living it up.  I washed all the bedding yesterday, including Ollie’s and made the bed just the way I like.  It is tucked in tighter than a hotel bed and it will stay that way for 3 more nights, and Ollie smells delicious after sleeping in his nice clean bed.  And the rest of the weekend is a bonafide girls weekend, heading out to JM’s tonight with the girls, and tomorrow night T and I are hanging.  We are going to have Mexican for dinner and watch a chick flick.  Have a great weekend, talk to you Monday.


February 4, 2011. Uncategorized.

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