Some updates…

Here are some updates on some of my earlier posts.

  1. 30 sessions of Pilates completed – I am now wondering if a session is a class, or a series of classes.  If they are referring to a series of classes then I still have a long way to go, but if they are referring to a class then I have to say that I LOVE Pilates, but it hasn’t completely transformed my body.  I do feel the core strength and I have definitely progressed during my time there, so yes, I feel different, but I don’t look a ton different.
  2. Voles are in our backyard – I bet they are eating the roots of BA’s precious garden right now.  She says that she doesn’t want them, but she certainly doesn’t seem to be doing anything to discourage them.  In fact the last time we asked her about them she shrugged and said ‘It’s all snowy out right now, I can’t see the tunnels’.  Grow and breed little Voles, now’s your chance.
  3. Wallpaper has arrived – my wallpaper has magically appeared at the store from the warehouse.  Amazing what happens when you point out the error of a retail establishments ways, either you strip my existing wallpaper and replace with paper of my choosing for free…or…find my damn wallpaper.  They chose the latter and I now have it in my possession. YAY!
  4. I have lost 3.5lbs in 10 days – not bad if I do say so myself.  Amazing what a little self-control will do for you.  I miss candy and chocolate like crazy, but I am substituting with wine and my pants feel much better.  I think if I aim for 2 more pounds, and up my cardio I can go back on the crack err I mean chocolate.
  5. I drove behind that A-hole flicking butts out of the window AGAIN last week.  I am tempted to rear end him.

Happy Monday – hope you have a great day.


February 7, 2011. Uncategorized.

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