Snow Karma

This past weekend we got a lot of snow.  I know that it’s winter and all, but here’s what had my knickers in a knot, both R and BA were/are away.  R spent the weekend at Tremblant skiing, and BA is off cruising the Caribbean.  That left Ollie Bear and I to deal with the mountain of snow that fell from the gray and dreary sky on Saturday evening, and since Ollie really isn’t much of a help, that left me.  I was late leaving the office on Saturday and it was blizzard like conditions on my way home, I was going to T’s for dinner, wine and a movie when I got home and it was already after 7:00 so I decided to shovel in the morning.  To quote Pretty Woman “Big Mistake, HUGE” – the temperature gradually warmed through the overnight and the snow got heavier and heavier on the driveway.  R informed me Saturday night that the snow blower had no more gas in it and that it requires a 2 stroke mixture, that I really didn’t have the patience to figure out the ratio and mix in the cold.  Not to mention I would have to go out and buy the gas as well.  So I shovelled the driveway, it was torture.  After I finished shovelling and I was recovering in the house, R called to let me know he was off the spa for the day.  Are you F*&king kidding me???   It took FOREVER, I was out there with no coat on I was working up such a sweat and he is off getting a hot stone  at the spa!  I believe in Karma, what goes around comes around.  I do have a special thank you to T and CT for shovelling BA’s stairs for me though.


February 8, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. bg replied:

    You could have called Dad he would have brought our snowblower over and cleared your driveway.

  2. bg replied:

    Dad`s are the best people.

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