The Pillow Debate – Feather vs. Contoured

Do you sleep on a contoured pillow – or have you tried one?  I know some people swear by them, like they are the Porsche of pillows.  Me – not so much.   It has been recommended that for this week I sleep on one of these contoured pillows.  We have a couple of them as R actually likes them sometimes, so I obeyed and traded pillows with him 2 nights ago.  OMG – who can get comfortable on these things?  I lay there WIDE awake for hours, I finally spun the pillow 180 degrees and slept on the not as contoured side.  Last night I opted for one of our other contoured pillows.  Was it better than the first one I tried?  Marginally.  I am a feather pillow girl – I am not sure who the model was for the contoured pillow, but we are nothing alike.  I like to wrap my pillow around my face when I sleep, pull it up around my ears and snuggle under the duvet.  The contoured pillow makes this task impossible, you just have to lay there and pray for sleep to come and take you out of your misery.  Have a look for yourself, you must have a pretty long neck for this sucker to lull you to sleep.



February 16, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. JC replied:

    I’m with you on this one. It reminds me of how geishas have to sleep to not mess up their hair….”Geisha sleep with their necks on small supports (takamakura), instead of pillows, so they could keep their hairstyle perfect.[39] To reinforce this habit, their mentors would pour rice around the base of the support. If the geisha’s head rolled off the support while she slept, rice would stick to the pomade in her hair. “

  2. bg replied:

    You my daer are a princess and as such must have good high quality feather pillows, you learned from the King and Queen.

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