Breakfast of Champions

This week I have been eating Greek Yogurt with Granola and berries for breakfast.  WOW!  What a difference the amount of protein you eat makes in your day.  The Greek yogurt packs a lot of protein, and I am normally famished by 11:00am each morning and counting down the seconds until snack time.  Since having this for breakfast in the mornings it’s 11:30 and I am still not desperate to eat.  This is huge for me – I am a snacker.  I eat all day long, R often makes fun of my ‘feed bag’ as he likes to call it.  He watches me load snack after snack into my bag and asks me if I have enough food yet, I usually don’t but decide to make do with what I have.  If I didn’t know better this could almost be his passive aggressiveness implying that I don’t NEED that many snacks, but he knows that I am not in danger of tipping the scales on our wedding pre-nup.  Yup, that’s right we had a pre-nup.  It is a verbal arrangement that has worked for us over the years.  Here it is – both R and I agreed that if either of us weighed in at more than 15lbs over our wedding weight, the other had an out.  Not that I would ever in a million years allow him to exercise that option, but it’s nice thought. 

Gotta go, it’s 11:36 and my snack hunger is starting to kick in.  I am not very nice to be around when I get hungry. 🙂


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Borderline Retarded

I get the fact that this is NOT a politically correct statement, but it was one that a client used with me yesterday.  I am often amused by irate customers, not because they are angry, but because they aren’t getting anywhere by being a jerk.  In fact I am less inclined to want to help someone who is being a complete douche, then someone who calmly explains their concerns and frustrations.  Last night I had the pleasure of conversing with a client who felt that I had grossly misled him.  He also couldn’t believe that I had the audacity to argue with him (the guy wouldn’t let me get a word in edge wise, so not sure how we were arguing), and he told me that I must think he is borderline retarded – his words people, not mine.  I was suppressing a laugh at this point, I liked the fact that we was telling me what I thought of him.  I was actually thinking that he got what he deserved for being such a egotistical maniac (we have had earlier dealings, and he is never pleasant), in any event I am left the lovely task of reconciling things with this gentleman today.  I can only hope that he is on the border of pleasant today.

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R got more drugs

 R still isn’t better, in fact he is getting worse.  Not only does it just suck to be sick for that long, but the doctor advised him that if his ear infection doesn’t clear up then he can’t fly.  My silent pray is “please clear up, please clear up, please clear up’ – not because I really want him to go away, but because he really wants to go.  This is the last of his 3 mini vacays that he is departing for on Wednesday, skiing in Denver.  He is currently on round 3 of antibiotics and this last time they put him on prednisone, which I believe I have mentioned Ollie is also on for long term health issues.  This is a very versatile steroid that is used to treat many different ailments, but it also has severe side effects.  When he filled the prescription the pharmacist advised him that it may cause him to become irrational and moody – MAY???  It should state “WARNING: This drug will cause you to snap at a moment’s notice for no reason at all!”, and this warning should accompany the prescription and be addressed to family members in the same house hold.   He actually laughed when the pharmacist told him this and told her that he was already irrational.  He is currently on day 3 of this drug – thankfully he is only on it for 5 days.  I am not sure if you know this about me, but I am never nice, I have nothing nice to say at all, ever.  And I frequently talk in an inappropriate tone of voice.  I however am also very pretty, and thoughtful and loving and make a really good butter chicken.  These are the complaints and compliments that I received over the last 24 hours.  Hope you are starting to feel better R.

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The Babysitter

That was me yesterday, I was the babysitter.  T asked me if I could watch her 3 little darlings from 3:30 – 6:30, which was over their dinner hour.  I of course said yes, and off I went to fulfill my duties yesterday afternoon.  When I arrived her Oldest, BT, was next door with BA at “Granny School” (this is what retired old ladies call tutoring), so that left ST (middle child – T’s daughter), and MT (the Baby, youngest son).  MT had just awakened from his afternoon nap, where he slept under his new big boy bed instead of on it, and was having some warm milk.  Intent on keeping him this mellow mood I suggested to the 2 of them that we watch a movie, MT quickly jumped up and grabbed me his favorite movie TS3.  While I was setting up the TV for the movie ST informed me that MT liked to talk a lot during the movie, she was just letting me know so that I was prepared.  Here is how the first 25 minutes of the movie went.

ST:  Don’t worry GGi, Buzz light year is going to come and rescue the train that is going to fall off the cliff.

ST:  Woody and Buzz are going to try to trick Andy into playing with them again, he is all growned up and heading off to college.

ST:  All those toys are going to end up at the Daycare, it’s not very nice there

ST:  That baby is soooo cute.

MT: giggles and laughs (pointing at tv)

ST: Shhhhh, be quiet we are trying to watch the movie MT.

ST: GGi?  Do you think that they are going to get out of the daycare?  Because they are, Woody is going to help rescue them.

Me:  Hey ST, maybe we can all be quiet and try to watch the movie, I have never seen it before.

ST: (Whispering)  Ok GGi, I think you are going to love it.  They all end up together back at that little girls house, Andy gives them all to her.

Me: Thanks ST (silently laughing and shaking my head)

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We had a great afternoon, I made them expert prepared Kraft Dinner and with the exception of MT throwing his cherry tomatoes on the floor (I hate them too so I couldn’t really get angry), they were awesome.  Don’t get any ideas though, I am not on here offering out my babysitting services.  T lives right next door and I wasn’t busy so it happened to work out for her. 🙂

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House of Sick

Welcome to the house of sick.  This is how I have decided to greet anyone who may come over from now on.  I am definitely feeling better, I finally finished my antibiotics on Saturday, but I still sound like a 50’s operator connecting your call.  R however has gone from a sinus infection to an ear infection – at least it’s all infections and not viruses.  I now have to help him put ear drops in his left ear twice a day and gently (I repeat gently – these are his instructions not mine) massage his ear.  What do I look like – his care giver?  R and I often discuss our marriage vows, we did not recite traditional wedding vows for a reason.  We agreed to love and cherish each other and blah blah blah for as long as we both shall live, but neither one of us uttered those ‘in sickness and in health’ words.  We each try to use this to our advantage whenever the other is sick or under the weather, it never works.  I am a firm believer that boys are bigger babies when they are sick than girls, and R is sick a LOT more frequently than I am.  He on the other hand feels that I am NEVER as sick as he is, so I am left being the health provider for both of us.  He loves to out sick me –  BS.  Happy snowy hump day.

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Paper cuts…

I have a serious problem with paper cuts – I get them all the time! It’s like the paper has it out for me, it purposely positions itself in a way that will cut me when I touch it. I have a supply of bandaid’s in my desk for all of these occassions, because I also cut myself on the thick stock paper that is used for our clients deal folders. It’s not quite as thick as bristol board, but definitely thicker that construction paper.  Just yesterday I sliced open my hand between my thumb and fore finger with one of those beauties, I am currently sporting a very nice purple band aid.  Last week I got a paper cut on my knuckle – my KNUCKLE!  How does that happen?  Is it just me?  Does paper hate you too??

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Did you hear the news??? One of my boyfriends is SINGLE again!

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper have called it quits!
I feel bad for them, but obviously when he is still so in love with me it’s not going to work with another woman.
I have included the link for this ‘breaking news’ below. Happy Monday!

“Smokin’ Hot” Renee Zellweger Parties After Bradley Cooper Split – Style & Beauty –

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Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is the day that my Grandma would have turned 95, or 59 according to her since her 92nd birthday.  She used to invert the numbers for me and tell me birthday’s really didn’t mean anything when you were turning 29.  I laughed so hard that every year since she has told me with a wink that she is celebrating her 39th, and 49th birthdays.

So Grandma – Happy 59th Birthday.  Even though you aren’t here to celebrate with us in person, I know that you are celebrating right along side all of us. I miss you more than you could possibly have imagined, given that life just seems to get in the way of the things that are most important.  And life certainly got in the way of my spending more time with you while I could.  I also miss our Monday night phone calls, I had a reminder built into my calendar on my phone for every Monday at 7:00.  I only just recently cancelled that reminder, somehow thinking that if I did it would be my final goodbye.  And yet, it’s not.  I am still writing about you and to you on your Birthday.  I bought cupcakes yesterday and today I plan on eating them to acknowledge and celebrate your wonderful life.  Love you forever and always.

Happy Birthday!

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The Money Tree

I am not sure if you know this about us or not, but apparently we have a money tree.  I always thought that this mystical tree was extremely rare, or at least very hard to grow, even just a myth – something that didn’t actually exist.  We had a money tree in our backyard when I was growing up, but for some reason B & B always told me that our money tree had no money on it.  Kinda sounds like they should have gotten their money back for buying a dud.  Our tree on the other hand seems to have lots and lots and lots of money, so much in fact that R actually emailed that he wants to spend $10,000 on another race bike.  Because having 2 bikes obviously isn’t enough, I mean really, what’s wrong with me?  Why can’t I see that it is extremely important to have more bikes?  Last week he told me that he needs to buy a covered trailer, he follows that up with ‘don’t worry though, I can get a really good deal out of Buffalo, probably only like $3000.00’.  Oh, only like $3000.00 – what a deal!  Maybe R should buy 2.  He is also busy trying to book track times, but it seems that a couple of the companies that run the days want payment in full at the time of booking.  These days average $200 – 300 per day and he goes for 3 days weekends when he does them.   We also are looking at getting him a new vehicle (diesel SUV, to pull his new covered trailer with new race bike of course), and planning our annual vacation together.  Shocking I know, we do actually take at least 1 vacation together each year.  So our money tree must be in full bloom right now, yet it’s funny because I can’t find our money tree.  I checked the back yard, and it’s not there, he must have planted it somewhere where only he can access it.  Who wants to help me find it??

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Laughed my petunia off! Love this video

Just a little something to get you through your Wednesday.

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