One of those mornings…

This morning the alarm was screaming at me to get my petunia out of bed – I ignored it 4 times!!  By the time I did get out of bed I had to wait for R to finish in the shower so that I had water pressure in my bathroom.  Then, while I was in the shower I grabbed the shampoo and while I was shaking the bottle to get shampoo out some flew up and into my eye – OUCH!!!  If that wasn’t bad enough I had dropped the shampoo bottle in the shower and smacked my forehead off the tiles picking it up.  AWESOME!  This is the kind of thing that happens to my friend MS – she is the one who normally has shower troubles.  She is the one who squirts shaving cream in her eyes checking to see if the nozzle is blocked – not me.  Then when I was dropping Ollie off at camp I slipped on the ice and saved myself by grabbing the side of the house, but still smacked my knee on the step.  Things seem to be improving for me now, but I was actually afraid to drive to work for fear that something terrible would happen to Audrey 2.0.


March 2, 2011. Uncategorized.

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