Germs Germs go away…

I don’t do sick – meaning I don’t often get sick.  Except for right now and it’s total BS.  I am the type of person who starts to feel crappy and then bounces back in a day and nothing ever really settles in, not this week.  I started to feel a little off on Friday night, I went to bed early and woke up with that unpleasant feeling of razor blades in your throat.  I dragged my petunia into work and as the day progressed, my body deteriorated.  I spiked a fever, my sinuses were killing me and I had that putrid feeling of SICK.  I left the office around 2pm determined to kick this thing and went home and slept for couple of hours.  By 8:00pm I was really feeling like I had been run over by a truck, so off to the clinic i went.  Problem was, R decided that he was sick too, and so of course he needed to see the doctor also.  The nurse put us both in the same exam room, and when the doctor arrived and noted our marital status to each other determined it was a virus and sent us on our way (I did get a script for Nasonex nose spray though).  Sunday things weren’t looking any better, we spent the entire day on the couch with the exception of a super exhausting trip to the grocery store.  Shopping when you are sick is just as bad as shopping when you are hungry, you spend a lot more money because you just don’t care!  Yesterday – no improvement.  I have high hopes for today though, because as I mentioned I don’t do sick.  I have decided that I am not sick, nor was I ever sick, I was just invaded by germs that had a party and left my body to deal with the hangover. 


March 8, 2011. Uncategorized.

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