Doctors Office vs Clinics

Today I went to the doctors, those germs sure left me a hangover that I just can’t shake.  I don’t often visit my doctor, thankfully because as you already know – I don’t do sick.  Also because my doctor and I have the same working hours, so I always have to take time off work to go and see her.  Since this killer hangover wasn’t budging I caved and made an appointment to see her.  My appointment was for 9:50am, and I was pleasantly surprised to be called in for my appointment at 10:00am.  I think that’s the fastest I have ever been seen at a doctors office with an appointment.  My doctor saw me by 10:10 and I was happily on my way to fill my prescription by 10:20.  When I went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist noted that I had just been a few days before for the dreaded nose spray and chuckled that I was back for drugs.  ‘Happens all the time’ he said.  ‘Clinic doctors diagnose all as viral, and then after the patient suffers a few more days and secondary infections set in they receive drugs’.  While I know that clinics serve their purpose, and are necessary for todays busy families – I am now going to do everything in my power to visit my doctor.  The wait wasn’t too bad, and my doctor knows me well enough to understand when I need a little help from our friendly pharmaceutical companies.


March 9, 2011. Uncategorized.

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