March Break

I love this week in March, there is absolutely no traffic on the way into the office.  It is the week that most families will vacation, or at least staycation with their children.  I can walk Ollie Bear in mornings without the risk of small children diverting his attention to the task at hand.  The down side is that it’s a little too quiet at the office, but I can handle that.  BA is also away this week – surprise, surprise!  I mean really, when isn’t she away.  R has decided that she should no longer be driving so he is set to sell her car before she arrives back this weekend, in addition to that it might be time to ‘help’ her take down her Christmas lights.  We’ll see how much we get done.  B & B just got from a nice vacay as well, and they timed it perfectly.  Go away for the 2 weeks before March break and then come home to a quieter week – great idea.  I have finally planned a weekend away without R – JJ, T and I are going to spend the August long weekend in Myrtle Beach with BA and E.  We are flying out of Niagara Falls, NY with this little airline that is getting us there for $215.00 each round trip taxes in!!  I am so excited to have a long weekend wine club on the beach with the girls.  I am sure that I will be talking about this a LOT until the time arrives to go.  T has actually started a countdown, but she has 3 children at home – enough said.


March 15, 2011. Uncategorized.

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