House of Sick

Welcome to the house of sick.  This is how I have decided to greet anyone who may come over from now on.  I am definitely feeling better, I finally finished my antibiotics on Saturday, but I still sound like a 50’s operator connecting your call.  R however has gone from a sinus infection to an ear infection – at least it’s all infections and not viruses.  I now have to help him put ear drops in his left ear twice a day and gently (I repeat gently – these are his instructions not mine) massage his ear.  What do I look like – his care giver?  R and I often discuss our marriage vows, we did not recite traditional wedding vows for a reason.  We agreed to love and cherish each other and blah blah blah for as long as we both shall live, but neither one of us uttered those ‘in sickness and in health’ words.  We each try to use this to our advantage whenever the other is sick or under the weather, it never works.  I am a firm believer that boys are bigger babies when they are sick than girls, and R is sick a LOT more frequently than I am.  He on the other hand feels that I am NEVER as sick as he is, so I am left being the health provider for both of us.  He loves to out sick me –  BS.  Happy snowy hump day.


March 23, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. Bg replied:

    Is he really sick or just (SIC)

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