The Babysitter

That was me yesterday, I was the babysitter.  T asked me if I could watch her 3 little darlings from 3:30 – 6:30, which was over their dinner hour.  I of course said yes, and off I went to fulfill my duties yesterday afternoon.  When I arrived her Oldest, BT, was next door with BA at “Granny School” (this is what retired old ladies call tutoring), so that left ST (middle child – T’s daughter), and MT (the Baby, youngest son).  MT had just awakened from his afternoon nap, where he slept under his new big boy bed instead of on it, and was having some warm milk.  Intent on keeping him this mellow mood I suggested to the 2 of them that we watch a movie, MT quickly jumped up and grabbed me his favorite movie TS3.  While I was setting up the TV for the movie ST informed me that MT liked to talk a lot during the movie, she was just letting me know so that I was prepared.  Here is how the first 25 minutes of the movie went.

ST:  Don’t worry GGi, Buzz light year is going to come and rescue the train that is going to fall off the cliff.

ST:  Woody and Buzz are going to try to trick Andy into playing with them again, he is all growned up and heading off to college.

ST:  All those toys are going to end up at the Daycare, it’s not very nice there

ST:  That baby is soooo cute.

MT: giggles and laughs (pointing at tv)

ST: Shhhhh, be quiet we are trying to watch the movie MT.

ST: GGi?  Do you think that they are going to get out of the daycare?  Because they are, Woody is going to help rescue them.

Me:  Hey ST, maybe we can all be quiet and try to watch the movie, I have never seen it before.

ST: (Whispering)  Ok GGi, I think you are going to love it.  They all end up together back at that little girls house, Andy gives them all to her.

Me: Thanks ST (silently laughing and shaking my head)

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We had a great afternoon, I made them expert prepared Kraft Dinner and with the exception of MT throwing his cherry tomatoes on the floor (I hate them too so I couldn’t really get angry), they were awesome.  Don’t get any ideas though, I am not on here offering out my babysitting services.  T lives right next door and I wasn’t busy so it happened to work out for her. 🙂


March 25, 2011. Uncategorized.


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    Teehee. Love it!

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