Borderline Retarded

I get the fact that this is NOT a politically correct statement, but it was one that a client used with me yesterday.  I am often amused by irate customers, not because they are angry, but because they aren’t getting anywhere by being a jerk.  In fact I am less inclined to want to help someone who is being a complete douche, then someone who calmly explains their concerns and frustrations.  Last night I had the pleasure of conversing with a client who felt that I had grossly misled him.  He also couldn’t believe that I had the audacity to argue with him (the guy wouldn’t let me get a word in edge wise, so not sure how we were arguing), and he told me that I must think he is borderline retarded – his words people, not mine.  I was suppressing a laugh at this point, I liked the fact that we was telling me what I thought of him.  I was actually thinking that he got what he deserved for being such a egotistical maniac (we have had earlier dealings, and he is never pleasant), in any event I am left the lovely task of reconciling things with this gentleman today.  I can only hope that he is on the border of pleasant today.


March 29, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. JC replied:

    Does it make me an egotistical maniac if I often thinks OTHERS are borderline retarded, but never think that of myself?

  2. Mom (2) replied:

    He is on the “border of Carolyn” today, so I’m thinking he’d better watch out!

  3. bg replied:

    Maybe its “R” in disguise on his new drugs.

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