Ollie has a toothache

Ollie, like most dogs suffers from the occasional bout of halitosis.  This past week however it was really bad, normally this occurs when he has chewed sticks.  They get stuck in his back molars and I have to dig them out.  This is as disgusting as it sounds, and he hates it.  So I did some investigating in his mouth (I am like a pet detective, I can find anything that might be wrong with him) and I discovered that his back molar was actually broken.  It has started to take on an almost greyish color and his breath isn’t pretty.  He eats and chews everything, he must have mistaken a ROCK for candy.  I booked him in yesterday with the vet and they confirmed our suspicion that this tooth needs to be removed.  So now lil’ Ollie Bear is scheduled for surgery in 2 weeks.  😦 

He had a busy day yesterday, we went the vet, we drove BA to the airport (I know, I know – AGAIN!!! That woman is seriously never home) and then I gave him a bath.  At least his body smells good even if his breath doesn’t.


April 1, 2011. Uncategorized.

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