Little Bitty Lies

We all tell them, and I am sure that there is some obscene university study out there that proves we tell them a lot.  I know this morning I already told a client a little bitty lie about his car, telling him it hasn’t arrived it when it has.  I wouldn’t have had to lie to this customer if the sales rep had set the proper expectations for their customer, but they didn’t so I lied.  Some people refer to these little lies as white lies, which I don’t understand.  I have never heard anyone use any other colour to describe their lies, it’s always a little white lie.  Is a little black lie hurtful and a white lie not – is it supposed to represent the difference between good and evil, light vs dark?  Innocent lies vs. harmful ones.  Why can’t we just all be 100% truthful all the time?  Are people really that sensitive that they can’t handle hearing it.  If a friend invites you out and you don’t want to go, why can’t you just say so and not have to have an excuse.   Instead we lie, tell them we have other plans and can’t make it, say we are sick, or someone in our family is.  Every morning and afternoon we greet people and are greeted by people who say “Hello – How are you today?”.  It’s not often that you would reply “I am terrible, thanks for asking”, unless it is someone who you are comfortable sharing those details with you lie and say “I am great/good/fine/ok”.  Then on the flip side of that scenario, no one wants to hear all of your BS about how you aren’t great.  We all do it, and I propose that you try to count how many little bitty lies you tell in a day and then let us know.  I have told 2 so far today, we’ll see how I end up at the end of the day.


April 4, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. bg replied:

    Zero but its only 3.15pm I have lots of time. Oops
    maybe that`s the first one.

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