You want how much money??? It’s a tooth!

I haven’t been very good at updated my blog in a timely manner this week, oh well.  Yesterday was my Saturday, so I did the usual running around with Ollie Bear in tow.  One of the stops we had to make was at the vet’s for some anti histamine spray for a funny rash we found on his tail when we were in last week for the tooth.  While there the vet had the estimate prepared and ready for me for next week.  We have Vet insurance, and let me just tell you how absolutely positively ecstatic I am that I didn’t cancel our policy this winter – which I seriously considered doing since they jacked our rates, but R said don’t do it.  The estimate for his surgery next Thursday is $1485.00 – at first I thought maybe i had something on my contact that was making it look like their was a ‘1’ in front of the ‘4’, but no it is almost $1500.00 to have his tooth removed.  It is the largest molar in his mouth and takes just over an hour to correctly surgically remove.  Why can’t they just yank it out and throw a little stitch in it, it’s a tooth it’s not like its his kidney or anything.    Oh well, at least after we dish out $1485.00 we can send our form to the insurance company and get 90% back.


April 8, 2011. Uncategorized.

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  1. bg replied:

    Kidneys are cheaper.

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