Ollie loves Lulu

Ollie has had a pretty eventful week.  At about 5:00am this morning he woke me up heaving, I quickly jumped out of bed and escorted him to the washroom and the tile floor for him to finish emptying the contents of his stomach.  The light from the bathroom was filtering through the door and casting a soft glow on the carpet in our room, just in front of his bed looked to be a large log of grossness (wrapped in satin bands).  I was too late, he had heaved on the floor before I got him to the safety of the bathroom.  I cleaned up the nastiness and noticed that he had thrown up something that he ate on Tuesday evening. 

I had purchased some new unmentionables (code for panties) from Lululemon, they have this really comfy soft lace underoo that I really like.  I bought 5 pairs at $12.00 a pair because I love them so much.  They come wrapped in a medium width satin band and I had thrown the lot in the laundry room sink for washing on Thursday so that I could enjoy wearing them by the weekend.  Ollie likes to eat things, I think most of you will remember he ate 2 sponges, he has also previously enjoyed socks and underwear and even the odd sweaty t-shirt from the laundry, in addition to the rope from his rope toys, and any amount of stuffing he can get out of his babies.  We joke that Ollie considers the laundry his own personal buffet.  It didn’t occur to me that he would want to eat never before been worn underwear, but he did.  I went out Tuesday evening to Pilates (still in the process of changing my whole entire body) for an hour, I came home and all over his bed were the remnants of my purchase – $60.00 in his stomach.  He carried around that cotton for over 36 hours before his body finally rejected it this morning.  Normally he passes these things the opposite way, so today R is going to watch extra carefully to make sure he is ok.  When he ate the sponges we know that they had glue on them and would expand in his stomach, so we made him vomit.  Since he has devoured whole socks before and passed them I wasn’t super concerned with this incident.  Apparently I should have been.  Cross your fingers that the only surgery he needs is his tooth and not his intestines for a blockage.


April 9, 2011. Uncategorized.

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