File this under Unbelievable! Had to share this, could you imagine Ollie bear in this thing – lol.

Fashion that makes us sad: the Puppoose

By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff | Shine – Wed, 13 Apr, 2011 1:48 PM ED

The Puppoose bag. Image courtesy of the Pleat.The Puppoose bag. Image courtesy of the Pleat

We love bringing home a good doggie bag, but this is ridiculous. Thanks to our friends over at The Pleat for showing us the Puppoose, a dog/purse hybrid that is not only absurd, it looks cruel.

Think of this as a stylish Baby Bjorn for your dog. Only chic! Wanna take him out on the town? A leash just simply won’t do anymore. Strap in your little guy and carry him around while you shop, go to Starbucks, or even  socialize in a bar or club. Because if  Paris Hilton ever taught us anything, it’s that pets are nothing more than accessories. Thats why the Puppoose comes in four colors: blue, pink, brown, and black. Buy them all to match every outfit. (Sorry! Small pink Puppooses are out of stock.)

And these aren’t just for puppies. No, don’t let the name fool you! The Puppoose comes in a range of sizes from extra small (perfect for a chihuahua or teacup terrier, especially dogs you dress up in pet outfits and booties) and large (perhaps suitable for a Labrador or dare we say Great Dane). Hey, who cares if your beloved pet is angry and uncomfortable and don’t worry if your shoulder hurts from lugging a 100 pound dog around—you are walking in style, baby!

Buy yours for $59.95 at


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  1. Mom (2) replied:

    Hey “Little One”…Ollie would be fine, cause if you were using the Puppoose, his legs would still be on the ground 🙂

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