100th Post

Wow!  Can you believe it, I have actually written 100 posts to my blog today.  Yay me!

In honour of this special occasion perhaps I will have some Easter chocolate. 😉 All kidding aside, maybe I will treat myself to a pretty new pair of shoes.  We have a client picking up his car today that owns a shoe company of some sort.  I think he is a distributor so I am going to get the goods today, like – what brands of shoes he distributes.  I am a shoe snob and I have no problems admitting it, so if he is selling jelly sandals I am out, but if he happens to carry some decent brands I will be his best friend forever.  I could actually use a new pair of Cardi Uggs too, maybe he distributes those!  This is getting pretty exciting, I will be so disappointed if it turns out he only deals with men’s steel toed boots.  We recently had another client who works in the cosmetic industry who told me I looked like Sh*t and needed some eye cream for the bags under my eyes – total douche bag (who says that to a complete stranger?!).  He happened to meet me after a sleepless night with Ollie Bear, but when he arrived to pick up his car he redeemed himself a little by telling me I looked fabulous.  Although he still gave me the eye cream he had brought for me, he told me to use it the next time I went out partying all night and had to work the next day.   Happy Hump Day, enjoy your Wednesday.  I’ll keep you posted on the shoe front.


April 27, 2011. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. GGi aka Carolyn replied:

    Sadly the shoe guy doesn’t carry anything that I am interested in owning. 😦

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