How about some good news?

With the rain we are having today, and the amount of good/bad news going on now, with elections, and Osama’s ‘death’ I needed to read something a little lighter. I also had a horrible ride into work and I am feeling…well, I am feeling sad. I saw a poor little bunny get run over by a car this morning in front of me – the bunny was clearly hurt, but made it off the road and back into the bushes. I have thought about it all morning, so I searched out some good news. I stumbled across this article on – they run a segment called The Lighter Side, which is exactly what it is. While my melancholy is still present, I do feel a little ‘lighter’.

Dog survives raging fire by hiding in bathtub

By Nadine Bells | Good News – Mon, 2 May, 2011 4:57 PM EDT

A dog in South Carolina saved her own lifeby seeking refuge in a water-filled bathtub when her owner’s house went up in flames. One-year-old Mia, a Belgian Malinois, was rescued by firefighters from the home’s basement after six hours of hiding in the tub.

Chris Brumby, the dog’s owner, told that Mia’s survival is amazing, but not surprising.

“She acts like a human for most things,” Brumby said. “And that kind of showed it. She knew where to go and hide.”

Mia was home alone at the time of the fire, which investigators believe started in the attic.

As the fire raged, Mia ran down the stairs to the lowest level’s washroom. Firefighters doused the home with water, which poured down into the basement. The water filled the bathtub, soaking the dog and keeping her safe from the fire.

Mia had to open four doors to reach the safety of the bathtub.

Thirty firefighters fought the fire for hours. It took two hours just to get the flames under control. It wasn’t until the sixth hour that the heat and smoke subsided enough for internal access.

Steam was rising from the soaked, dazed and dirty dog as she was carried out of the home, but she sustained no serious injuries.

Brumby, his wife and two children were out for dinner when the fire started. They were overjoyed to be reunited with the family pet.

“That was a pretty special moment for us, because she’s definitely part of the family,” Brumby said.


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  1. JC replied:

    I am liking The Lighter Side. Thanks GGI

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