Track Widow

There are many different types of widow’s – below I have listed a few.

1.  Widow – someone who has lost their spouse 😦 (this is the sadest, and I send my love to anyone who has lost their spouse)
2. Black Widow – scary looking spider with red hour-glass shape on its large bulbous body
3. White Widow – this is a type of cannabis, I only know this from google – I swear!
4. Widow’s Peak – a pointy hairline on your forehead
5. Widow’s Walk – a railed rooftop platform popular on 19th century houses
6. Track Widow – this is a spouse who is left to fend for themselves for the summer while their other half races his days away at the track. (like ME)

I am number 6, a track widow.  R has successfully acquired both the Diesel SUV he desired and the covered trailer to trailer his bikes, our money tree came into bloom early this season it seems.  This past weekend he informed me of the upcoming track events he has booked.  He is away 4 times over the next 5 weeks, and that only brings us into June!  He swears that this is the busiest time of the year in the spring and early summer, but I have a feeling I am going to be track widowed for the majority of the summer.  So, if anyone has anything fun and exciting planned and you want company let me know.  Looks like my calendar is wide open.  Happy Racing R!


May 10, 2011. Uncategorized.

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